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Who Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Born on October 3, 1981, in Malmö, Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic overcame a rough upbringing to become a professional soccer star. He played for clubs in Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, England and Spain, nabbing multiple scoring titles while leading his teams to eight consecutive league championships. One of the sport's most polarizing figures, Ibrahimovic released a bestselling autobiography in 2011.

Zlatan is most intertaining footballer of this era. He can score acrobatic goals and he can leave his worth on the field. Sometimes, his attitude takes him to media which used to be funny as well.

Dear Steemit,
Today, I am here with the entertaining facts about same Zlatan about whom we talked above.

Zlatan Facts

1. Zlatan dont score 25000th goal, the 25000 goal just score a Zlatan.

2. Zlatan once missed two days of school. They are now known as Saturday & Sunday.

3. Zlatan was late go to office, the CEO punished the other worker for coming early.

4. When Alexander Bell invent telephone, he already got 3 missed call from Zlatan.

5. when Zlatan was a child, his parents went to sleep in his bed when they were scared.

6. When Zlatan will visit you in your home, you are the guest.

7. Zlatan's father name was called Zlatan Junior.

8. Oxygen needs Zlatan to survive.

9. At school, teachers had to raise a hand to talk with Zlatan.

10. When Zlatan looks in the mirror nothing appears. There is only one Zlatan.

11. Zlatan sleeps with a night light. Not because he's afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of him.

12. If Zlatan's phone rings in the Cinema, they pause the movie until he is done.

13. Zlatan has a grizzly bear carpet in his bedroom. It's not dead, it's just afraid to move.

14. Zlatan once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

15. Zlatan knows Victoria's Secret.

16. Before Zlatan was born the alphabet stopped at Y.

17. When Zlatan makes a grammatical mistake, the dictionary is updated.

18. Zlatan doesn't score lucky goals. Goals are lucky to be scored by Zlatan.

19. At school, teachers had to ask Zlatan if they could go to the toilet.

20. Ghosts sit around camp fires & tell each other Zlatan stories.

21. Zlatan once took a lie detector test. The machine confessed everything.

22. Zlatan once killed two stones with one bird.

23. Zlatan is the True Detective.

24. When Mark created Facebook, he already receive a friend request waiting from Zlatan.

25. Zlatan doesn't scroll with a mouse. He uses a lion.

26. Santa Claus sends Zlatan his xmas list.

27. Zlatan was once stuns by a scorpion. After weeks the scorpion finally died.

28. Manchester United will stay at zlatan for another season.

29. Zlatan went into Samsung store and bought an iPhone 7.

30. Zlatan kept the receipt for Pogba.

With all these entertaining facts, I would like to conclude this post here. Keep supporting Zlatan. Keep supporting Football.

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Untill then, keep upvoting and comment more facts that is missing in the post.


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