Let's take a walk through tomb raider legend and its history

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Hello friend, this game will have already played for what they are lover of the saga of tomb raider here I come to present an analysis of the game Tomb raider Legend because in these last days I am playing all the games that I had played when I was in my stage of the playstation fever.

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When you start playing Tomb Raider Legend you start to like his story and you become part of it here I tell you about his story is a young archaeologist Lara Croft embarks on the search for her missing mother, whom she lost in strange circumstances during her childhood in a paranormal incident in Nepal.

This is the whole story, told in chronological order, of the legendary adventure of Lara Croft.


In a flashback we see a nine-year-old Lara with her mother Amelia, in a plane that flies over the snow-covered mountain ranges of Nepal. Suddenly they are surprised by a storm in the middle of the flight home. The plane despite the efforts of the copilot loses control and crashes on the snowy peaks of the mountains.

Only Lara and her mother survive, who take refuge from the storm in a ruined Temple hidden among the Nepalese mountains. This temple keeps inside an ancestral teleporter portal, which by accident Lara activates. After a series of events, Amelia removes the (Key) Sword (Excalibur) from the base that held it nailed and is absorbed by the portal.

Search for Amelia Croft

The story begins in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, with Lara looking for a stone plinth. But James Rutland's men find her and she has to fight against them. After several incidents that almost kill her, she reaches for the first fragment of a kind of magic sword. But when it is stolen by James Rutland, he mentions that his friend who gave up for dead in Paradise, , Amanda, is still alive.

That changes the course of the trip making her return to Paradise to meet her friend, Anaya. They will not have much time to talk, as again the armed men of Rutland appear forcing Lara to leave her friend to fight. After killing everyone, Zip tells Lara that Anaya is being chased by armed men. Lara gets on a motorcycle and goes on her search, managing to rescue her. Upon arriving in Paraíso, the young woman remembers her worst nightmare, going back several years to the moment when she thought that her friend Amanda was dead.

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In this part Lara makes sure that the rope is well attached down, the rope falls and I get the same Lara croft, after Amanda was buried in stones and other friends were killed by a strange creature Lara had to abandon them to avoid the same fate, which angers Amanda and over the years manages to dominate the monster that took her, being able to handle at will and later use against Lara Croft herself.

Lara tells Anaya about Amanda and they go back to the ruins of Paradise and then Lara discovers what Amanda is after, and that is to get the fragments of the Excalibur sword and go to Bolivia to use it in a kind of temple. sword can only be introduced once and by one person and wants to be her.

After leaving the Ruins of Peru he goes to Japan to face the famous Japanese mafia the yakuza directed by Shogo Takamoto. And that's where Lara discovers the Excalibur Sword of King Arthur, and also gets the first fragment. These were distributed all over the world. Then he goes to Ghana, Africa to find the key to Ghalali and turns out to steal another fragment of the sword from Rutland. After this he goes to Kazakhstan to find a fragment of the sword that was being investigated by the Kazakhs in the 50s until a mysterious disaster caused the KGB to stop the investigation. 

Lara met Amanda in Kazakhstan and stole the third fragment of the sword. Then she goes to her home, England, to the tomb of King Arthur because there is a fragment in it, then when she finds the very grave that in reality are only the tombs of the knights of the round table, but in the center there is It looks like a sculpture but the truth is that it is the same King Arthur frozen with the fragment in his hands to find. And then goes to Nepal to the same remains of the plane where Lara had an accident many years before with her mother, in which she died; for his own mother once had what looked like a pin but in reality it was what once assembled the other fragments of the sword gives a kind of power; in this trip Lara unwittingly finds a kind of empire and then discusses with her friend (or the one who once was) Amanda to obtain the last and fifth fragment of the sword.

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In the last level Lara goes back to Bolivia: where she wants to embed the sword but as Amanda also has that intention she sends her soldiers to kill Lara, but she kills them with the power of the sword and also with that The same power unintentionally kills James Rutland which makes Amanda even more angry, and this unleashes a fight between Lara and The Unknown Entity, controlled by Amanda. 

After this battle where Lara is victorious, Lara takes out of her backpack the old book that she had as a child, and in which she drew the stones and the way to change them, after activating the mechanism of the stones she introduces the sword and in that moment is seen Lara's mother then Lara says "I am Lara, your daughter" then your mother answers the same thing as when she was a child this makes Lara understand what happens and try to do everything possible to prevent her from drawing the sword but Amanda wakes up and starts screaming "Take out the sword" that causes Lara's mother to take out the sword and that supposedly disappeared in those ruins, the mechanism explodes and Lara furious does not hesitate to point her gun at Amanda shouting: "WHERE ... IS ... MY ... MOTHER?!", So that later she will understand that her mother is in the supposed Ávalon, Lara strikes Amanda and leaves her unconscious, she takes her sword with that she realizes what happened to his mother. 

(Lara trying to solve the enigma which at the last moment is truncated by Amanda, since the two seek to go to the mythical Ávalon, it is here that Lara forgives Amanda's life and swears that from now on she will be his worst nightmare and that the air that breathes will be thanks to her, because at every step that will be behind her, watching her).

 Tomb Raider: Legend -- Official Trailer

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This is all for today I hope you enjoyed the trip to the story of lara croft in "Tomb Raider legend" I hope to see it in my next post.

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