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in busy •  14 days ago

So I LOVE cafe Rio. I didn't even realize there was such a fantastic place for a long long time. I use to make a copy cat recipe and didn't even know it.


So like everywhere they have an app. You can earn points and get free food. I do love to free cafe Rio. It always taste better.


I always get the salad. It is definitely enough food for two meals. I like the shredded pork. It is amazing. If you would like me to give you the recipe just let me know.

If you can give the place a try.

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I really love food. New taste to explore different food and even drinks😊

that salad looks so good! i bet that's really tasty as well. 😍

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Thank you!

Umm YUMMY! The proper way to eat away your high! Looks delicious.

It's beautiful food and healthy . I wanna eat it . Thanks for sharing


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Thats sure looks so good and cool if your a regular and use the app you can build up to get a free meal thats always good