Monkey say Monkey do

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Monkey say Monkey do that is very common word that mean we follow each other don't even thing what we are following is good or bad for we! Human beings emerge from the modern bugs (monkeys) or chimpanzees hanging in a jungle tree or zoo in the cage.

The fact is not the case. Evolution theory suggests that other males and monkeys riding on the chest of a man and astride have long evolved from the same ancestor and have made different sections or loins. As we are concerned with modern monkeys, we are not directly succesful. We actually came here a long time ago as a common ancestor, who was extinct from the Primetime.

Once the British Association's opposition to the evolution of the British Association, Oxford, Bishop Samuel Wilburforce attacked Darwin's theory as anti-God's personal opinion. Only then did he suddenly want to know the scientist Huxley, who was present at the meeting, who was actually a monkey among his grandfather. In response, Huxley left the Bishop with arguments for the sake of evolution


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

As we are concerned with modern monkeys, we are not directly succesful.
It should be successful instead of succesful.

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