Living for a dream

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Hello friends of Steemit. My name is Paola and I am 21 years old.

This is my blog of reflection and dreams, where I give you a little more of my life.


My story
I dreamed for a long time of being a bioanalyst and when I graduated from high school I saw that my dream was even closer to being reached.

In the last year of high school I presented the internal test at the Universidad Central de Venezuela for the Education degree, because the entrance to the health careers was very difficult because of the number of people applying for the degree, so I decided to opt for the Education career and then opt for career change.

Achieve admission to the university through the internal test and during the first university years I never stop fighting for the change of career but in no way I managed to be admitted to Bioanalysis.

Difficult moments
It would be a deception to tell them that I did not feel frustrated, that I did not cry and that not being able to study what I liked caused me depression at times. I saw how the rest of my classmates constantly decanted and abandoned the race and I felt like them, wanting to run away and pursue my dreams.

Persevering ...

I took courses as a laboratory assistant, hoping to nurture more knowledge for when I managed to change my career. With the last attempt to change failed career I understood that studying Bioanalysis at this stage of my life was not what was prepared for me so I continued studying Education, I chose the mention of "Human Resources".

What we never though

What we never think is that God is in control of our lives and that our thoughts are not his thoughts, he had something better prepared for me.

I got to know the career, I've trained in people training at the organization level, now I'm in the fourth year of my career and I'm doing my internships. I am only one year away from living the experience of being a graduate in the best university in my country, I am proud of my achievements, of the beautiful people I met and the experiences I had.

The university helps you develop a sense of autonomy and independence that you do not have until you experience this experience.

Never give up for believing that you can not achieve your dreams or goals, many times the place where our happiness and greater pleasure is is beyond the capacity of our imagination, let's fix a path but let God design the goal, make the things much better than us.


This was my blog of reflection and support for those who are going through tests similar to mine, do not give up, the best things are yet to come.

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