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A quick little note for all of you delegating to dstors

in busy •  5 months ago

Mr/Mrs @dstors,

To someone who hadn't heard of you until now, reading your responses at a 'psychological' level is telling - these are your words, concepts, perceptions and so they seem to tell about you!

I think you may be projecting your own issues for two reasons: (1) they follow emotional patterns of psychological projection (your emotionally loaded responses!) (2) your 'description' of @whatsup as per your comments does not match up with experienced reality and you are unable to demonstrate or illustrate beyond mere stating (as if factual, when it is not).

(2) doesn't need to be explained, it is obvious to all who know her, and it is pretty obvious from the comments of support.

(1) is evidenced in the language you use (and I'm just using the examples contained in this comment): words and phrases like the statements of 'certainty' re. @whatsup's intentions "It seemed quite odd how you asked a single question that clearly was in your mind to post about and all you needed was a response from @dstors that you can copy and show to "support" your biased hypothesis...."they wish dStors no good will. That clearly was your objective, direct or indirect."...."You hoped to poke a weakness that might fester to a bleed and take the credit for finding it.".....these statements are more likely to be projections of your own psychology, your own fears, guilts etc as their basis is not be found anywhere but in your head - you state absolute fact where none exists and the narrative is a function of defensiveness (or attack as defence)! Furthermore, you use words like 'disgusting' and 'scream'...yes, you may be disgusted at the negative publicity to a cherished project (initiated by your negative and defensive reactions/responses) and you may be screaming (looks a bit like it), in any case you are not reacting in a neutral objective (or professional) manner, although you have not stooped to the level of haejin in this dialogue - to your credit :). Lastly, you play the cheap ad hominem card of attempting to discredit @whatsup at a personal level, to degrade her status with the statement "In fact that is your brand within the Steem community. @whatsup, you have rarely provided any genuine contributions except to poke here and poke there."...again, to anyone who knows even a little bit about her presence here, this is clearly false. The reason for engaging in ad hominem is to distract from the content, the substance of an argument which one doesn't feel one can 'win'; it can also be to distract from something to 'hide'. Your reaction is largely emotional, it appears imbalanced, it makes one wonder why the drama, wtf is actually going on!!!?

You seem ultra offended that dstors and dlive be equated in any way. What Whatsup said was:

remember dlive and consider other than creating a market for crypto this really doesn't have anything to do with Steem.

...what are you reading into it and why is it such a sensitive trigger for you? Is it your intention to leave this platform in the manner of dlive? If it is not, and your conscience is clear, why take such offence? Why not instead be sensitive to a community that has been stung by dlive's departure and understand this concern from their POV?

See how it looks to me anyhow?

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Thank you for the kind words. :) People have been warned and had the opportunity to see this Team in action. From here everyone can make a choice.