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You have to be careful of these things, even the small ones can be dangerous. I remember a story around christmas a guy was trying to protect his dog and got hit, he later died in hospital.


Thanks for that mate! LOL.

how scary that. if I had experienced something like that, maybe I would be very surprised and run away.


It was a little scary, it was just getting dark and I had no shoes on my feet. I wasn't expecting a snake at this time of night. I was also worrid for my dog who was down with me at the time. Luckily, he stayed away from it.

If the baby is there won't the mother be around and other babies? Better to do a check around.


Yes, I will be wearing my boots down the yard and keeping out a close eye. Luckily, we have a lot of birds around who find snakes a tasty treat.


animals I avoid most to meet.

I am very scared, let alone a large size.



I'm not very happy meeting them either ;-)

She is so beautiful! How did you take the photo so close? After all, can she bite?


Not my image this time. I'm afraid, sourced from ABC. I didn't think to grab my camera as it was just a couple of steps in front of me ... and I wasn't wearing any shoes!

Yes, they do bite, and they are very poisonous and can be deadly. The one I encountered was still quite young, but you still wouldn't want to get bitten.

As for beautiful ... from a distance, but maybe not so much up close LOL.

snake but ...........

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