A failed attempt

in #busy3 years ago


Hi guys, how was your day?

So this morning I had try to do a live video of me drawing on DLive. That's my very first time to use that platform. I was so excited to draw until I realised that something has gone wrong.

Well, if try to click on my live video from the last post, there's no video that shows. So, I sincerely apologize for the mistake. I just realised that the strength of my interest connection is very poor that I can't make it. I don't know, the area that I'm living is kinda stressful for anything related to technology.

But I still drew thought. Here if you which to see the result:


I know. It's not really good by the way. My focus has all gone. But since I couldn't fix the last post, I know that I have to make this post to explain.

Well, I'm willing to go live on @dlive against once I'm out of this place to somewhere else. Till I see yaa!.


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