Indonesian Batik Interesting for Its Motive Meaning

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Batik by Iwan Tirta is already legendary, the collection can be a favorite batik lovers. Motifnya already has its own characteristics, there are 13,000 motifs in the library Irwan Tirta.

Not only because of the beautiful motif, there is also meaning in it. Although the maestro dies in 2010 ago, batik lovers still can enjoy the work of Iwan Tirta through the cold hands of Era Soekamto. Era didaulat become creative director Iwan Tirta Private Collection.

To him, a pride can be part of the Iwan Tirta team. For Era, running the legacy of Iwan Tirta must understand history. While the Era has understood history long before joining, its passion is for the history of Java, the kingdom, and the archipelago.

"Because I understand, so Iwan understands well done research and understand about history. All there is every century from century, if people do not understand will be mixed. Fortunately I know, I am well-governed concept adapted to the present and consumer habits, "he explained.

For Era, Iwan Tirta's legacy is not only from art but also the thinking of a maestro. Education that Iwan research Era tries to summarize so people can understand Iwan is not of design origin, but there is a philosophy behind the motives being made. Iwan Tirta has 11 large galleries in the capital city so it must produce 1,200 batik every month.

Production of that much is done by 600 personal artisans. "We use an integrated system for good time management, good quality, and regeneration. So, all of the upstream-downstream is done solidly by this great masterpiece team of the archipelago.

It's incredibly lucky I can work with those who are all complete, "he said. In terms of motives, Era also has its own characteristics. He likes to use grip as well as Iwan Tirta. Initially the trend is driven by the market such as florals.

However, it turns out Era think again if batik must be returned to the root of the following with the story. "Finally we remove the classical motifs that there is also the grip of philosophy. The trend is now the preferred motif. Apparently indeed we can direct people to like batik not only from the motive, but the meaning behind it, "Era story.

Batik motif is a moral message, many motives that talk about the creator from all sides. However, it remains manifest to moral; this same moral message that people used to associate with certain events. No wonder there are still using certain motives to use in an event.

Motif is also a prayer as well as a person who makes a dagger. He said the kris can stand up is not a matter of khodamnya, but actually the kris was indeed a balanced energy that occurs from the master who gave the intention. Intentions that are sustainable so it also happens in the manufacture of batik.

The owner has a sustained intention, there is energy in it or prayer. Sometimes the motive was taken also from the building in the palace was certainly no intention. Because Iwan Tirta batik is made directly by artisans or batik tulis, can not be denied the price is proportional to the masterpiece of Indonesia's historical legacy.

Batik fabrics are sold from Rp4 million-Rp25 million, while batik that has been dikreasikan into men and women dibanderol start Rp4 million. One more, Indonesian designer Oscar Lawalata who began to seriously pursue batik in every design.

Oscar Lawalata Culture, so the name of his batik label that started since 2001. Oscar has a characteristic processing of batik cloth in color and detail in the process. Plunge for serious entry into Indonesian culture makes him learn the meaning and philosophy of every motive.



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