143 Million Users Social Media in Indonesia Threatened Virus Radicalism

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Agitation and propaganda groups of radicalism and terrorism are often done in cyberspace or social media (medsos). The goal, to influence citizens who can still be affected by their "campaigns".

"About two years ago I accidentally with my teammates are getting into Youtube. Suddenly there is a new video uploaded. I think it's great. The title is, My Dad is my Domain. We got downloaded, "

this is a great documentary video for being professionally worked on. In the movie begins there is a group of children who are practicing line-marching and martial training.

"Apparently, this ISIS video. Interestingly, there is already an Indonesian translation. In the film, a child gave a testimony, "I followed my father's example, my father was killed by a kafir and now I must kill the infidels" the film clearly has a purpose as part of the process of pushing people radically through social media. And, with the packaging they make in the movie, it is very likely that some are affected. Especially children.

"If the film is watched by children, it is certain to be affected. Because according to me, the packaging in this film is made professionally and easily digested children, "he said. in the film, the children are grouped together in one house, the room is dark, they move like troops by using infrared, chasing an enemy they pursued.

"Apparently, the enemy they are pursuing are foreign nationals who are being tied his eyes. Then in the next scene the enemy they are after is executed. Looks very real

143 Million Users

Fortunately, the ISIS film was not long on Youtube, after which it was immediately in-takedown. Because there must be a firmness of audiovisuals in social media that contain such dangerous propaganda agitation.

"We from the Ministry of Communications and Informatics encourage the use of social media platforms in a good, healthy and positive. And obviously the movie is very dangerous. Because it must be ditakedown, "

In Indonesia, there are 143 million users of medsos that are potentially exposed to the virus of radicalism and terrorism. "We have to talk upstream and downstream. Hulu what kind? Yes it is, literacy, content talk, and narration. New downstream blocking, "

Since the first bombing in church, according to Donny, there are 1,285 medsos accounts that are blocked. And that's only within 3-4 days. In fact, the process that has been done by us long ago is done continuously and when the incident is more intensified. "One of his efforts is with content complaints, healthy Internet, cyber creations and more. Its content by doing digital literacy, how to avoid radical understanding, "

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