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My Steemit Experience & Review

in busy •  3 months ago

Hello Steemians
Today I am going to share my experience with steemit. To be honest, this place is only best for people who invest money. The bloggers can not earn money as their posts are taken over by the promoted ones. The promotion of a post leads it to the trending page and thus decreasing the chance for a hard working blogger to earn more.

The second thing is that, Steemit is the place for whales and bots only. They are earning money + they are flagging good posts for no reasons mostly. So this is only place for them.

When someone is new at steemit, he is warned by bots and he never realizes that he is now on the black list. This hurts many real bloggers. All the posts on the trending page are mostly promoted with investment and they take the place for good blogs.

In the end this needs to be stopped. I've spent almost 9 months on steemit and barely earned something.
So that was it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.
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But how can I know that my post has selected to blacklist , from where can I see this status .


when you will get downvotes on your every post then you are blacklisted


Then how can I remove my post from backlist .


I don't know.
Maybe you should upload quality content and then you'll be able to get rid of it.

Steemit has loads of people who are great bloggers and do really well. It isnt a get rich quick scheme and most people dont make alot of money on here but a few extra dollars doing what they would do for nothing on other social media platforms.

Steem isnt just about bloggers its about investors and thats part of the reason why there are so many upvote bots...


yep agreed