What I'm expecting from Poland in November - My Road to SF

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The first time doing something, whatever that may be, it's easy to have a good time. I think you'll agree with me on this one. It's easy to have a good time because you have no idea what to expect from a new experience. That may change if you start asking around to other people their opinions about said new experience but, to be honest, whenever I'm doing something new - which is one of my addictions, trying new things - I try to avoid getting biased by other people's opinions. Let's face it, a person's opinion about a specific subject or experience only speaks about their personal point of view about it, it will always be an opinion, not a description.

This whole intro is not just for the sake of having a longer post, I wrote it so you know why do I expect so little, and at the same time so much from Steem Fest 3 in Krakow, Poland in November.

Attending Steem Fest 2 in Lisbon was one of the best decisions - if not the best - I made in 2017 for one single reason: It was a decision that held a lot of firsts for me.

My first time:

  • Going to Europe.
  • Attending a Steem Meet Up - go figure, I picked Steem Fest as my first real meet up.
  • Hitchhiking with an agenda and not just wherever my feet take me.
  • Boarding an airplane without having a return ticket.
  • Visiting a country I didn't speak the local language.

So yeah, there was a lot of firsts for me last November and I knew that whatever happened in Lisbon, I would have an incredible time with a bunch of Steemians that I call friends now.

But this time is different. Poland doesn't hold a lot of firsts for me, actually, maybe none - I'm still waiting to know if there'll be one or two firsts for me this time.

Knowing what to expect from a city, from an event, from an experience or from people, makes us rise our bar and to demand at least the same we got last time while hoping to actually get more. An enhanced experience, a better event, a more exciting city.

Having high expectations most of the time leads to disappointment, so I rather not have them, even if Roeland went over the top last year and gave us an amazing experience in Lisbon.

You see, I don't expect something better or something worse than last year. I know it will be amazing but I also know it will be different. To expect something from Steem Fest 3 when it's not my first time attending one would be a mistake because the coin, the front ends, the Steemians attending, the market, the cities and myself, we are all different than what and who we were in November 2017.

I'm not expecting anything from Krakow, and at the same time I'm expecting everything.

I have no expectations, but I'm hoping I will be blown away like last year.

Blown away by the city.

Blown away by the locals.

Blown away by the venues.

Blown away by the conferences we'll attend.

Blown away by the food we'll share and the drinks we'll have.

Blown away by the all the Steemians I want to meet.

Blown away by the old friends I'll met once more.

Blown away by the stories you have to tell me.

Blown away by you.

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I expect a piggyback ride, and I don’t wanna be disappointed!


You can ride me however you want xD jk
We can organize a piggyback race :P


Well then, you need to start working out and I will just promise to not get fat before the race!


This sounds like a deal then!

Estimado amigo Eric, para mi todo es nuevo en Steemit y tengo muchas expectativas, porque considero que cada día puede sorprenderme, en cada lugar donde voy, me encanta tu frase :

No espero nada de Cracovia, y al mismo tiempo estoy esperando todo

Debe ser maravilloso ir por el mundo viviendo una nueva experiencia cada día.
Te felicito amigo @anomadsoul

The beauty of new experiences...I love it! I hope all of your travels go smoothly and you make it there safely! Much love to you from the Yeti and me!


I wasn't able to say good bye to you guys but I'm sure you know it would've been with hugs included :D send him my best, I'm sure I'll see you guys again.

Yeah, I have similar feelings @anomadsoul. Not expecting anything from a city I wouldn't easily visit otherwise. But then again, I know @roelandp has his reasons to choose this place and I know there's nothing to worry about. Meeting everyone I met last year again will be awesome, meeting new people I haven't met yet (but maybe already know here) is even better. I am soooo looking forward to November... and then to think that it was always my least favourite month! I think it has become my favourite :)

It's definitely a first of many for digital nomad lol, hahahaha what can I say, you're definitely going to be expecting a whole lot, I'll be having mixed feeling if I were you as well. Steemfest will definitely be mad fun @anomadsoul and I'll be definitely waiting here

You can expect to find me mainly in the sauna, or the steam room, possibly the jaccuzi, or maybe even the pool.

I'm a real sucker for a spa hotel!

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Hahaha I think I'll be joining you in the sauna room more than once, I'm a sucker for vapor and sauna rooms bro.


Twice a day for me!

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Those are some very touching thoughts if you ask me. Full of honest and truth. And everything seems quite easier when I see it that way :)


Exactly! Isn't it so much easier when we communicate in a direct way and trying to be as honest as possible? <3


It sure is!!! :)

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Hopefully we get to see some cool pics. :) lol

Wao New experience always wonderful,Hopefully your travel are so save and joyful,your are so enjoying your travel,Hopefully your steem up meeting is to good,thanks for sharing,

Boarding an airplane without having a return ticket.

uu wanna stay? Or Perpetual travelling?


Well at that time I stayed for a few weeks in Europe without knowing where I would return from, thats why I didn't have a ticket back



you should check out this place. not that far (Dresden)



The Bastei is a rock formation towering 194 metres above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany. Reaching a height of 305 metres above sea level, the jagged rocks of the Bastei were formed by water erosion over one million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna southeast of the city of Dresden, and are the major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are also part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the borders into the Bohemian Switzerland (Czech Republic).

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It will be the first time you will meet me .


I wanted to comment the same :')


Lol, I was faster.

Wish all attendees a successful event and what's more, I hope it attracts the right kind of publicity we desire

I think the best thing you can do is wait for the big day to arrive and plan only the essential, let the rest flow so you do not get disappointed as you say! In addition to enjoy the maximum your stay over there

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Expectations isn't an issue. Jumping to conclusions based on past experience is (& having imaginary events), as it's the most common instinct and usually a mistake as the world is much more complex now ^^
I hope you have a great time @anomadsoul :D

See you there!

Bro, I hope you have a good first experience in Europe. You will find the Polish to be good people. Not sure about that not having a return ticket though. Im not sure about Poland but I know you cant travel to the UK (England) from the US without a return ticket. Also a oneway ticket costs just as much as a return costs in most cases. Enjoy the trip!