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A lot of people already made a Steem Fest recap so I think I´ll skip that. I decided to do a mass picture dump od some of the best pics I took with all the Steemians I met in Krakow on the 6th and 7th of November.

I hope you find yourself here and save the picture, that´s the only reason I´m uploading them (and rewards, of course for some post rewards :P)


In the "Frat House" living room/dining room with @zlatan-spielberg, @tarazkp,@guyfawkes4-20, @abh12345, @martibis, @celestal, @coruscate.


Night of the 6th, Alchemia pub with @soyrosa


Night of the 6th, Koolturka Bar with @el-cr


Night of the 6th, Koolturka Bar with @evecab


Night of the 6th, Koolturka Bar with @louis88


Night of the 6th, Koolturka Bar with @steemmatt


Heading to a "dubious reputation place" with a bunch of steemians after finishing all the beer in Koolturka bar. Let´s see if I can name them all:
@guyfawkes4-20, @steemmatt, @martibis, @roxane, @coruscate, @fukako, @raj808, @oroger, @soyrosa @el-cr, @howo, @zlatan-spielberg, @fredrikaa, @louis88, @evecab, @abh12345, @rivalzzz, @tarazkp.


Opening drinks with @theaustrianguy


Opening drinks with @travelgirl


Opening drinks with @aaronleang


Opening drinks with @adetorrent


Opening drinks with @revisesociology


Opening drinks with @blewitt


Opening drinks with @reggaemuffin


Opening drinks with @suesa


Opening drinks with @alexvan


Having dinner after registration and right before opening drinks with @escapist, @eveuncovered, @celestal, @tarazkp, @abh12345, @connecteconomy, @guyfawkes4-20 and @raj808.


Opening drinks with @ramengirl


Opening drinks with @captainbob


Opening drinks with @neopch


Selfie before heading to the pubs after the opening drinks. Too many people to tag (or recognize :P )


We found a bar! It was so small that 30 of us filled it up, They were about to close at 1230 but we "made them" stay open till 4. I even managed to negotiate a free shot since we were so many


In the Pub with @peixeboi, Alexvan, @neopch and a random Polish cutie (just kidding, that's @mynewlife).


Heading back to our homes after a great night out that involved some absynthe consumption with @peixeboi, @honeydue, @zlatan-spielberg, @guyfawkes4-20 and @luzcypher

I wanted to drop more pictures but apparently I took hundreds. I´ll make a post with the remaing ones soon!


So much love in these pictures😭💙 But who is that 5-year-old hiding behing her hands? I don’t think she should be out with weird adults...

She looks so innocent though :)

The @suesa selfie is the winner here hahah. Epic!!

Ahaha it takes all the claps!

Awesome finally meeting you at SteemFest @anomadsoul. Looking forward to meeting you again.

@suesa's selfie got me laughing 🤣

Ahaha yeah that selfie came out great! It was great meeting man, we´ll see each other again when I roam around South East Asia!

Yes @anomadsoul, remember to give me a buzz through Discord (AaronLeang#5270) or Telegram (AaronLeang) when you're coming to KL, Malaysia! I would be glad to host you around 😎


I love @suesa's reverse selfie especially!

Awesome. Just awesome!

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Keeping the amount of my face on the chain limited :P

Yeah...I know

Your smile is pretty epic :D

Hey cheerz! It was an easy place to smile at!

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Ahaha reverse selfie, that´s gotta be the best term I´ve heard today XD

Saw myself tagged in a selfie post. Got worried. Found the selfie. Remembered the day. 😂💚

Ahaha that's my favorite selfie :) it was great meeting you Sues!

Head down, head sideways, head in hand, not looking - That's how I like my photos, cheers dude!

Lol so many candid pictures from you man! Hahaha

Not a single one with me, but the one with @suesa is perfection itself.

I know :( Even though we shared quite some moments but I didn´t take one selfie, Im the worse !

Nah. I am. But that's a whole different steem post.

Thank you for mention 🤗 It was pleasure to meet you 👊

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Always great to see you again and hey...we take a good picture together! Fair winds and following seas to you my friend.

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Indeed it is a great pic man! I hope we meet again in Austin! Cheers

I’ll definitely see you there ;)

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What a blast we had! Can't wait to hang out again soon. Thailand, man.

I heard there´s a mini steem fest happening right now in Thailand! It would kick ass to be there with you guys

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