Guess my next adventure and win 25 SBD - A nomad photo gallery

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It´s been 3 months since I traveled for the last time.

I only wrote a few posts about that mini adventure in Chiapas, México and Guatemala, but most of what happened there stayed in my mind, mainly because it was unamusing and whenever I´, in adventure mode I keep to myself all the normal stuff that happens to me.

Before that, I spent 7 months traveling Central America and Western Europe and a lot of you read about my aventures there, most of you didn´t because I got 70% of my followers after December 2017 so now it´s you chance to get involved in this adventure from the beginning.

On monday I board a plane to a mistery destination and whoever guesses correctly to what country I´m going wins 25 sbd. Only one person can win this so whoever guesses first, wins.

You might be a little curious of what I´ve done in the past, so I´m leaving you here a gallery of where I´ve been, This set of pictures cold or could not be a hint of where I´m going.

Building a fence for an animal sanctuary in Caye Caulker, Belize

Mayan ruins in South Belize

A public hospital in Guatemala

Semuc Champey natural park in Guatemala

Acatenango Volcano summit in Guatemala

Hitchhiking in Belgium

*No text needed right?

Exploring a Canyon in Nicaragua

Very short shorts in Costa Rica

Playing pool in Portugal

Children in Honduras

More children in Honduras

Blogging in Spain in the back of a camper

Underground tunnels in Puebla, Mexico

The eye of London

Back home

So? Make a guess, where am I going next?

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Can't exactly guess the location but I'm thinking about Spain or somewhere close to this country :)


Maybe it's closer to you ;) we could even travel together


That would be so cool! 😊

Russia !
to watch the World Cup. @anomadsoul