Autovotes are down, this is my chance to post simple stuff

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I've been absent on the last few dates and haven't posted anything about me, only about the contests we are running for Steem Fest.

I noticed that automatic votes are down so I decided to share with you a small gallery of my past days without feeling like I'm abusing the auto votes my posts get.

Besides, most of you must be bored because pretty much no one can post, comment or vote so I'm giving you a post to read while you wait till our chain gets used to the new fork.

Also, testing out Blockchain after HF feels nice :)

Don't panic, things will settle soon, take this time to go take a walk, interact with your family, pay attention to your girlfriend, do some excercise or something :)

I got glasses, not because I can't see but because I spend so many hours in front of the laptop, the doctor said my eyesight is getting tired.


It was Mexico's independence day a few days ago and my favorite doggo was ready for it.


I got an operation and I'm bed bound for a few days (I'll tell you about that later) so I got a SNES and a NES Classic to pass the time :)


Tindering in Krakow, Poland to be prepared for November ;)


I went to a flea market a few days ago, I love the kind of stuff you can find in places like this one.


Ok, I don't want to stress the chain with a post too long (or stress my RC) so that's it for today amigos. Have fun today!

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Jaaa mi trabajo también me obliga a usar lentes pero no hago caso ojala no me pase factura luego.

Bonito perrito o perrita, muy bien alimentado por cierto bien gordito.

SNES eso es lo máximo para nuestros días, todos deberíamos tener uno así, por cuestiones de tiempo no paso mucho con los videos.

Pues con esas compañías cualquiera tendría bellos pensamientos y muy lúcidos.

México espero ir para engullirme puros huitlacoches desayuno almuerzo y cena, espero aún continúes paseando por el bosque porque desde hace rato que dijiste que vas me pareció encantador, especialmente porque soy un amante del foraging.

Qué bueno que no nos has estresado tanto en verdad es algo simple pero digno de compartir, Erick.

Aprovechando que no hay audiencia y que sé que me leerás, tengo que reclamarte, sé que pasas muy ocupado pero date una cruzada por el tag foraging, es uno de los mejores para mí aquí en todo steemit, ese junto con homesteading merecen la gloria,

Estoy feliz porque sé que hoy si tengo tu total atención jaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Saludos y feliz viaje a Polonia desde El Salvador, avisa cuando vuelvas para echarnos un trip.

Very cool with the super Nintendo, I recently got a 3DS SNES edition. Growing up with the consoles it was really sweet to get one like that.

thanks for the motivation while steemit was down, only a few could post for 24 hours.

Hey, @anomadsoul.

Testing out the new blockchain this go around is like having it nearly all to yourself it seems. It's like driving your car on the freeway early Sunday morning. You can imagine it's there just for you. :)

Of course, that's not what it was designed for and what's the fun in that, anyway, right? Obviously, after a considerable amount of time locked out of activities on the blockchain, I've been able to comment here, so I'm glad of that.

It sounds like it's been busy for you, in particular the operation. Since you didn't specify what it was, I won't pry, but I hope you're recovered or well on you way to it. My wife's been recovering from hernia surgery she had the last full week of August, and she's been down in Neza since September 13 visiting relatives. She says they haven't let her do anything. I guess we'll see if that's true and she actually let the surgery wounds heal up without aggravating the hernias. :)

First of all, you are wearing glasses! you immediately look more solid. Secondly, I, too, adore flea markets. Often there you can find very valuable things.