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Byteball is doing an airdrop to steemit users. Here is a guide to how to claim your free money:

First, the airdrop is only to those who created their steemit account on July 12, 2018 or earlier.

The distribution is based on your reputation score:

Reputation over 30: $5 reward

Reputation over 40: $10 reward

Reputation over 50: $40 reward

Reputation over 60: $80 reward

Reputation over 70: $160 reward

Reputation is based on your upvotes. Everytime you get an upvote, something called "rshares" is allocated to you. The rshares is based on the steempower of the upvoter, and the percentage they are upvoting. All upvotes give some rshares - so to increase your reputation, you need to get upvotes on your posts and comments, the more the merrier, and of course upvotes from people with a lot of steempower are more valuable.

For a more detailed explanation of how reputation is calculated, see the following article:

How to claim your byteball airdrop

Click the following link in order to download a byteball wallet:

You need to follow the instructions for the simple "single address wallet" or "small expenses wallet". (Don't download the full wallet as it downloads the entire blockchain).

Once you have loaded the wallet, click on the "chat" tab at the bottom of the wallet. Next click on the "bot store".

Open the "steem atestation bot" in the bot store and add it.

Then follow the instructions.

Click the icon at the botton of the wallet when it prompts you to "insert your address". This will automatically insert your wallet address.

Next it will present you with a link to Steemconnect to connect your Steemit account. You need to log into steemconnect with your steemit name and password. You need to store your username publicly (so click the public link in the chat).

Once it has linked your steemit name with your byteball wallet, it will ask you to confirm ownership by signing a message from your byteball account. All you need to do is click the signing link they provide.

Once you have done that, they should send your byteballs to you.

How to change byteballs into BTC

The bot store also has a "Byte-BTC Exchange" bot. Add that bot and follow the instructions on how to change your byteballs into bitcoins.

If you have any questions, just ask me in the comments. Enjoy!

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