Kucoin empty Office & bribed ICO rating sites

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it a bit late to make a post about this news. Yes I was shocked to know that Kucoin office is empty. Kucoin is one of a big exchange out there with huge trading volume. So this news I think would bring a bad impact on crypto world. More over that i have been scam by small exchange that was made a sudden close on their exchange platfrom, it makes make even more scared. This news was brought by a Hongkong resident which is a crypto enthusiast you can read more of his report on his medium post

Bribe for a better rating

If you are an ICO lover or those bounty hunter out there, the first thing you look before you investing or doing some bounty works is to see the rating of the ICO in the ICO raitn sites. But you got to do your own researched again, because another report said that a project developer can easily get a high rating if they are willing to pay some money for it. If you a re a bad intended developer, that would be a good deal to get exposure isn't it?

always stay safe

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