Coin2Play, A sparkling Gem in the ugly world of Crypto

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Coin 2 Play

If you are wondering what this is? so keep on reading, and learn more about this sparkling gem in the ugly world of crypto. Coin2Play or withthe ticker of C2P is a new coin that is built as a hybrid technology of Masternode and POW coin. It is aimed to provide a safe way of payment system to online games, casibo and other services. And all of this is safe, secure, decentralized, thanks to the blockchain technology that could make this happen.


Why Choose C2P?

You must be wondering why would you use C2P instead of normal cash payment to this onlyne payment services. As I emntion before that becasue of the blockchain technology enabling a decentralized networks where your transaction will be secure even without central body control. It is totally open project where the code using in this ptoject is open to anyone who is willing to see and inspect it. You can read more about the code used in their github . Teh other advantage of C2P is that the transaction is so fast. so there will be no more anxiety while waiting for your payment to be confirmed.



So can pay your bet o your integrated games payment with just a click of a button, even on your phone as they will release the mobile wallet in the Q4 of 2018. more room of improvement from this project.

Coin Specification

As I have mention that theC2P coin uses a hybrid technology in running the blockchain with a Maximum Supply of Coin is 50 Million C2P. You can see the full specificationof C2P in the picture below.

And the Reward split of each technology as seen below


Other Important Links

If you are interested in learning more of this new gem, read more about the project from the links below.


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