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I am going to upload some amazing photos of snow in mountain area . These were taken during a special trip in Geneva. I have more photos like that. I shall upload later. Stay tuned.
Hope you like those.




Thanks & regards,
@allinone7 .

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@allinone ganeva's mountain snow is looking amazing.. your photography showing i should visit this place..

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Yep this is a fantastic place. You can visit & enjoy there. Without visiting u can't understand how amazing this place is. If u like those photos then why u didn't upvoteee yet? I know the ans.. u just try to draw the attention without upvoteeee other, it's just a formality. I don't tell u to upvoteeee me. But I tell u this because when u won weekly giveaway of 100SP from jaydih, there u told that u need that SP giveaway to help other community member, but practically u dont do it. LOL.

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Wonderful photos .I followed and upvote u.mountain area photos

@allinone upload it as soon as possible. i am waiting to see them.

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