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Hello Steemit!
How’s everyone’s weekend going?
If you’re in Burbank,there’s a great installation opening tonight that lm part of.
It’s called ‘Revenge of Slashback Video’ and it’s located at The Mystic Museum in W Magnolia blvd.
They have recreated an 80s horror themed video store with old vhs tapes and custom artwork by different artists
My piece is about Halloween 3,one of my favourite movies,in one scene there’s a kid getting his head melted by a Halloween mask,so l thought of recreating that on a video tape.
Adding some resin and creepy crawlers too
Here are some pictures of the piece.
And here’s the flyer for the event tonight
Thanks for stopping by!

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That is bad ass looking. Make sure to grab some pics of other peoples artwork at the event, so many artists names, congrats for being able to be a part of it!


Thanks man! Im glad you like it!
Yeah l’ll make a post with some pics of the opening show,it would have been great to be there! Where are you located at?


East coast, world away from that cool show. I just caught you are worlds away too lol. So awesome to have you works there.

Nice bro