ORS GROUP will power the artificial intelligence solutions with Blockchain

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ORS GROUP, a software company with operations in several countries such as USA, Germany, Italy and more than 100 IT specialists and developers, has a wide international customer network. Offering customers sophisticated, artificial intelligence-based, optimized software solutions, the company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

ORS GROUP Hypersmart Contracts make a difference

The company's new product, Hypersmart Conventions, will enable access to over 1000 proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and hundreds of software solutions for established businesses and the crypto market.

The company, which is far from the crypto market, is organizing ICO in order to put its new products into the market and has received the investment worth 10 million euros in a short time. The investment in this pre-sale process may have been available to some large firms already in operation. As you can see in the photo below, artificial intelligence solutions are provided to many famous companies.

Hypersmart Contracts

If we look at the basic operating principle of contracts the ORS wants to create, we can see that any supply chain consists of three basic features in the simplest logic:

*Flow of goods and / or services
*Information / data flow
*Payments and financial flows
Thanks to its registered algo- rithms, ORS achieves the information of the goods / services in the supply chain by evaluating these basic information independently and independently of the activities of the participants with high efficiency.

At the moment, however, the flow of information, documents and payments mentioned above is slower than it could be. With Blockchain technology, intelligent contracts without intermediaries can be shared in a secure environment. So, Hypersmart deals with transactions.

Hypersmart Conventions are intelligent connectors that enable artificial intelligence working on productivity, optimization and instant payments using data stored on Blockchain by both dependent and decentralized organizations.


As of April 28, 2018 TSI 10.00 ORST Token general sales activity will begin. To participate in general sales, KYC needs to be completed. The hardcap of the project is estimated at 25m euros and is expected to be reached in a short time.

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