So exited!!!!! to play VR VIVE PRO!!!!

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Hello guys!!!!

We've got new toy!!!!!!!VR VIVE PRO!!!!!!!
I'm so exited!!!!! Now I like to play Cyube, similar Minecraft!!!!

Photo by: @alexwonderful

This one is very good quality!!!!!

Photo by: @alexwonderful

What do you need when you have VR ?

  • Node Pro thunderbolt 3
  • Computer with Thunderbolt 3

Photo by: @alexwonderful

Download and set up first!
There is in production in the box!!!!but the info is not clear you need to check it online.

Photo by: @alexwonderful

Cyube Game

This is my favourite game. I like to build the house!!! and survey in the cave.
The developer said that he will add zombies in the game!!!!!
and he changed his mind, I have no idea what he gonna add it!!
If he will add Zombies I will not play this game hahaha because
I don't really like zombies!!!!!!!!!!
And This VR you can look around 360 I'm scared hahaha
Such a coward girl!!!! Man!!! It's very realistic!!!!that's why i'm scared!!!

No way!!! to add zombies!!!!!!!
Cyube is not done yet, you can still playing and enjoy it.

Video from Youtube!

Check it out!!!!!!

I hope i can make some video when i'm playing the game.

Thanks for support.
Have a wonderful day.

Love ya!!!!


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