Introducing an analyst in Steemit+contest 10% of the money earned by this post

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Hello everyone. I am an analyst both online and offline. If you need any kind of analyzes do not hesitate to contact me. I will start Steemit to analyze the projects to see who deserves the involvement or not. I will analyze the people on Steemit, but also ICO analyzes, crypto market, sports, almost any kind of analysis. Those who want to support my project, but also receive a weekly reward of 5% of each post can delegate or vote my posts. The 5% will be divided into those involved in the project after the involvement of each:
Examples 1sp = 1 point
upward 0.001 = 1point
My post makes $ 10, the 5% will be $ 0.50. I have 100 sp delegates +10 people with 0.1 upvote. We have 1100 points and 11 people will receive the reward. 0.50: 1100 point = each point will get = 0.00045 an uplift of this value. Users will choose the option with a comment.

Another 5% will be divided into 3 people who will participate in the daily contest that I will do in each post.

  1. upvote
  2. follow
    Most votes received on the comment will divide the 5% of my total post.
    Example: My post makes $ 10, then 0.50 $ sbd will divide by 0.17 for 3 people if their comments will have the highest number of upvotes.
    More details in the following articles. I will not post more than one article per day.

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