The music is my world

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Hello friends. My name is Alessandro and I am 18 years old. This is my blog where I share with you my tastes, hobbies and passions. One of them is the music.

My beginnings


I started in the world of music playing the "cuatro", a typical instrument of Venezuelan music, where I am originally from, at 12 years old, then I learned to play the recorder but even after knowing these instruments, I had not known the that in reality I would steal the dream and that would make me completely in love with music.

Knowing love

At age 16years old I decided to take piano lessons. A teacher of Canadian nationality taught me with a lot of character, discipline and perfection the instruction to this beautiful instrument. She was very strict in her teaching but it was amazing to see the pieces of classical music that she could play in just one year. Unfortunately they had to close the music school for reasons beyond the control of the school.

My experience


After finding myself with just one year of knowledge and without a music school, I decided to nurture my knowledge on my own, so with the keyboard that my father had bought me I started to make songs that usually played in the church I attend .

I currently belong to the musicians of my church.

The best part

The piano taught me that each song is a world of melodies, notes and infinite sounds that when you really learn to listen to your mind you can separate them almost completely.

The best part of being a musician is feeling the music and noticing that it is in everything we do. Each moment is perfect to sing or to devise a melody.

This has been my blog about music, I hope it has been of interest, your votes and comments are very supportive.


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¡bienvenido a la plataforma, @alessandro2000! Es bueno hallar en la música tanta fortaleza.

He observado que tus fotos no fueron cargadas motivo a errores de edición. Revisa y edita.

¡Saludos, nos estamos leyendo y siguiendo!