Easy Way of Creating EOS Wallet

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Easy Way of Creating EOS Wallet

I have been trying to search how to create eos,
Some offer free but needs invites, and others just expire!

But I just found creating EOS wallet using 1eos only . From Exchanger, I just sent 1 eos after I filled the form and instant, I have an Account!

Meet EOS Account Creator

Just click below the "Get Started" and you will start creating your account.

Read carefull the step 1

Step 2

Step 3

You can choose paying via eos using exchanger,

And by choosing, you will be required to send at least 1 eos,

Click show Instruction, then read carefully

Just copy the recipient and memo, withdraw 1 eos or more and send to recipient address instructed!. After you send your eos, a minute maybe and your account will be created!

For any question and suggestion, comments below!

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