Nigeria - The Nation that Was Supposed to be Great

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That's us up there , the Nation that was suppose to be Great.

In Nigeria, as a young lad, just completing his education as the custom demands, the usual and most common employment is the enrollment of hopelessness that strangles many at the neck of
survival until they get to that breaking point where they can no longer take it. Yeah. No longer take it, until they take the worse, the worst or the unspeakable. . The worse means a lot . A lot of Nigerians can relate with this: Internet Scams, Swindling and Unclean Business Practices. Kidnapping is now part of the Worse List. Add that to list, please.

It is a quite crazy down here in Nigeria, as regards the political and economic situation of things,also included in the uncertainty is the unpredictability of safety.

Many people have exited the country before yawa bursts. Yawa Bursts is just a nigerian slang for when the worse happens. To better translate, it is almost like saying * When a Balloon of Chaos and Trouble Bursts*.

Nonetheless, The Nigerian Doom ,which is the possession every Nigerian Youth seem to possess just like how every Americans has the luxury and the possibility of the American Dream in their
possession, is a very complicated situation very hard to describe in exactness when you are not in the midst of it.

First of, who is to blame for the DOOM. If you say the leaders messed up,you would be right, but then that is just an Upper Level Inference for almost any problem in any society. Just blame the leader and you will be right but not always. The problem of the Nigeria has eaten so deep in to the core of the Nation , that no one can be declared blameless. Not even me. Not even you if you are a Nigerian. We all carry a percentage of the blame. Many people even blame The West.

I am not talking of an equal percentage here. So to speak, a lot of people are in the upper percentile of the Blame Carriage, yet they are not political leaders. They have done and are still doing evil to the detriment of the innocent.

Someone said Nigeria is not in Recession, it is in depression.

Allow me the indulgence of looking at the above statement from a psycho-medical point of view to better drive home my point.
When depression sets in without a consideration of Careful Treatment, suicide and death begins to rear its head at a near-one probability, if you know what I mean.

We have seen this, all of us have. The **Black and White Television **Old have seen it, the Social Media Young is in the midst of it, the Unemployed Yahoo-Susceptible are being strangled by it and here is what they think,written below in CAPS.


That is the voice of a typical Nigerian

How do you know this? If you ask me this , then, I will ask you how do you know otherwise?. if you have a different and opposing opinion, then you need to get employed in the school of empathy just as how Sane Nigerians are enrolling the other sane Nigerians that wants to vote Buhari again in the school of very effective curses.

Who wins or who doesn't is not the question for the problem? The truth is that Nigerians tried this once and they failed. They voted for someone , expected so much, and got nothing in return, will they do that again? The comfortable will, the frustrated will not . They want to abscond. PVC is good when you have hope, when you don't , it becomes a tool of annoyance that passes kunta-kuntish messages to your sub-conscious, only that this time A black is the slave master for his fellow Negroids and guess what, he is worse than the Whites who pioneered the lucrative trade.

As for me, I am quite hopeful for Nigerian, yet without facts to back my hope. It is more of Faith than hope, or rather I'll call it a HOPE OF MIRACLE that Nigeria will re-steer his course towards CANAAN again.

The man asked   "When was the last time, we had CANAAN in sight"
The tired and wet Passenger replied   "That was fortnights ago,I think we need to change the captain".
The man answered   "Will that help".

An excerpt from the Imaginary Novel: THE NIGERIAN DREAM


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Forgive me for being candid and I hope I will not offend you, I just would like to offer my opinion on something.

I was just recently thinking about what Nigeria is doing to business relations, specifically with regard to the MTN sagas that seem to be never ending, They had tons of investment from a foreign country that believed in bettering the lives of Nigerians by building infrastructure to facilitate an entire communications network and were met with disrespect and law suites.

Granted MTN made money as well, but the bottom line is that it helped Nigeria build business both small and big through communication.

Lets face it without communication nothing can be done. I may not have all the facts but it seems clear that there is a small group of people gaining millions from constantly slapping fines on a corporate that has done a lot for Nigeria's progress in the last few decades.

Seems these few people are not concerned at all about the well being of the masses. It would seem they are biting the hand that feeds them. If MTN were to decide to exit Nigeria, I think it would cause quite a disruption in the economy and would probably end up being detrimental to small and large businesses alike.

Just my 2 cents, what are your thoughts on that particular situation. Great post by the way.

Have a blessed weekend.


You are right , in a way.

MTN has blessed Nigeria just as expected of any corporate Entity in the country of business. In fact , they performed their Corporate Social Responsibility to the Nation in flying colors but Nigeria is a country where the Leaders are leaders of themselves and no one else.

What Nigerian Leaders do is in no way reminiscent of who we are, we are just an a Nation who hopes for the best but unfortunately breeds the worst leaders year in year out while the recruited followers are getting initiated too in the sphere of corruption.

There is room for true investment in Nigeria but not until the Government and those at the helms of affairs begin to see into your business as a fat cow that needs milking through bribery and unspeakable practices of fraud and back deals.

No sane Nigerian will say that the leaders are concerned at all about the well being of the masses.

At the moment, with all sincerity, Nigeria is in a Moral Mess. The People can not be outrightly blamed but they are beginning to get initiated.

More so, MTN is now just as corrupt. I really can not say if it was a reaction to the sanctions but they have started defrauding us the customers too in worse ways by selling fake INTERNET bundles at exorbitant rate. The customers have retaliated too by hacking the bundles en mass.

it is just an endless vicious circle of corruption started by greedy leaders and continued by Companies and Nigerians that wants to survive.


Agreed, it is quite sad though, I wish you guys all the best and hope somehow not only Nigeria but the world including South African leaders can start seeing the error of their ways and rectify relations from the ground up.

Also realise that there is indeed enough for everyone, as long as we learn to share and stay true to the teachings of the few with integrity and honour.

Blessings to you my friend, happy sunday.

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