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Today is almost gone. Just 4 hours left in this part of the world. My hands ache as I type this but I need to write all the same.

This reminds me of that philosophy that says "Only do what you love". Oh! What a lovely way to live. To work with a smile on your face and your bank account. It would have been more awesome if this was 100% possible in all circumstances influenced by uncontrollable differences.

As far as I am concerned, that statement is easier written or spoken than practiced when you are from a place where the system is not working with 100% efficiency.

I am forced to believe it is quite like that in every part of the world, it just seems to be way worse down here in Nigeria ,most especially when you are not sufficiently privileged to have parents that can reimburse you ,failure after failure because most a times, the things we love are prone to economic failures, failing to bring forth profits even while they are working and changing lives. Not everybody can afford watering flowers if they can't bring forth fruit even though they adorn the home and bring in the beautiful scents, but what is a home , if it is beautiful, well-scented but the occupants are hungry.

What I am saying in essence is that lack of economic backup is the reason many leave behind their unsure passions while they ply the road of economic freedom first for the sake of security. Many people never become free so their passion never even gets to become anything substantial or rather it never becomes as great as they wish.

That brings me to the conclusion that doing what you love might just be better at least you had fun even if it fails.

So, pardon me to say it is somewhat better to jump off the cliff and hope a parachute will shoot out of our empty back pack by some odd luck when you start a business of passion without a backup.

I will not advise anyone to do that. It is better to have a backup or to re-position oneself to a secured economic situation that affords you a minimum wage that can fund your passionate exploit and still support you in case it fails.


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Wow very from you @akintunde it's good idea true talk