Have a lot of things to know ..... Some information about Bangladesh and India!

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Have a lot of things to know .....
Some information about Bangladesh and India!
Indian Test Recognition In 1932


The first Test win came in 1952.
That is the time to get India's first Test win
Takes 20 years.

Bangladesh Test was acclaimed in 2000.

First Test win in 2005 That is to say
It takes time to get the first test win in Bangladesh
Only 5 years.

India's first double century came in the Test
After 32 years

First Test double century in Bangladesh
12 years later.

India got one-day recognition in 1971.

8 years later in 1979, he won the first ODI.

Bangladesh won one-dayers in 1997.

Only one year after 1998 won the first one-dayer

India have all the matches in their first World Cup
At the rate

Scotland's first World Cup is Scotland
Besides, Pakistan has won against such superpower.

India's 11 players outplayed 121
Of the millions of people.

Bangladesh brings out 11 players
Out of just 160 million people.

India's cricket is in today's state
Has been playing 81 years.

Bangladesh cricket has played for only 16 years.

What we achieved in this short period is compared to that
India is far behind.

O mother, but what is your pillar?
What is so arrogant?

Like you, we play 81 years
Will not be !!

We only have to play for only a few years
Give me

We will play the role of the world cricket clan
We are

That day is not too far away.
On that day you will talk to the Tigers only
The head down.

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