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RE: WINNERS | The Blocktrades World Cup

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excuse me @worldcup-russia, i just want to ask why my account is not listed in this list, whereas when the highest number of participant notifications (winning), there are 28 users of my account included, but why now no longer exists?

@aguero41 image


Will check asap


am I included in the list of winners?

I Am still waiting for your reply

I said asap, it will be asap.

@anomadsoul why only 2 sbd ?? my point is more than 43.

I´m sorry my friend but the rules are very clear, you edited your final result as it shows here. The rule was to not edit the predictions or else it could be taken as cheating.

Okay ... Now like this, I have calculated that I have 44 points if the points in the final match are not counted. image image

Cheating is reason to get disqualified my friend. I´m terribly sorry, even if you edited the post without the intention of cheating the rules were very clear. That is why your points don´t matter, I was actually thinking of just completely disqualifying you but it seemed unfair. You get 2 sbd as thank you note for joining the cup but in reality cheating means getting kicked out of the tournament.

Good job 🤧🤧

Good job 🤧🤧

hermano no me dieron mis 2 sbd creo que se les paso por alto...

Lo checo compadre

pasa que vivo en venezuela y el internet aqui es fatal,, ellos me mandaron un mensaje pero no pude respondr a tiempo porque no tenia acceso al servicio..

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