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There have always been self-thought people in history but never has it been this easy to learn virtually anything, thanks to the Internet. From DIY carpet fitting to professional grade film making, there's virtually no limit to what you can learn online if you put your mind to it.

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There are many places where you can purchase courses such as Udemy or Skillshare, but a lot of information is out there for absolutely free. Between YouTube and Apple's iTunes University, you can learn basically anything for free these days.

Naturally, depending on your personal circumstances, there might be some limitations you experience, but it is ever so much easier to learn now than it ever has been fore everyone across the board.

There are these two extremely creative men that have inspired me so much over the last couple of years. They are incredible professionals and create some of the best content that exists anywhere online.

They are both filmmakers, but are completely 100% self-thought. You wouldn't believe it from the level of quality the put out.

One of them has found incredible success in a relatively short period of time on YouTube, so you might already have heard of him. He is Peter McKinnon. Mr. McKinnon taught himself photography and cinematography to the point where he is recognised as an authority now in the creative circles. When ever I start doubting myself and my ability to learn something new, I think about people like Peter McKinnon.

The other man has enjoyed less exposure and lam light, but in my opinion has been even more successful in his endeavour than Peter McKinnon has been. He is Lou of Wild We Roam - a husband and wife team. I have followed their journey for a while now, and have also communicated with them over the years. The are the loveliest couple you could ever come across

Lou also thought himself photography and cinematography. With his wife Dana's help, they have been able to live their lives completely in a van, exploring the world and creating the most beautiful films about their experiences.

Their following isn't as large as McKinnon's, but it's more loyal and engaged. They've also been able to overcome a medical problem Lou had simply by learning about a healthier diet regime and implementing it. They really are a joy to watch and theirs is a channel I always anticipate videos from.

Do you have any creatives you're inspired by?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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ok @adetorrent Just want to say thanks for the last few days of my life watching the Wild We Roam back catalog sucked me in like I never thought it would. Granted I jumped in half way through at the van project but something about it made it compulsive viewing even though as a mechanic, electrician and IT bod I was cringing so much and screaming at the screen "No no no! That's not how you should do it!" But I can forgive Dana and Lou for that because there was such a sense of unbounded enthusiasm that can only come from naivety it hard not to get swept along with their dream.

So I have been watching them all and wistfully reminding myself of younger passions and actually ending up caring how things turned out and how it all progressed. For sure travel broaden the mind and as Lou pointed out in one of the last videos travelling slowing from place to place allows you to soak up much more than if all you do it see the inside of airports or hotel rooms.

So thanks once again and really last few days I have smiled and laughed more times than I can remember.

Aren't they wonderful? I always look forward to their next video. I'm not sure if those videos are still public, but they made some unbelievable stuff years ago when they visited Peru. I was hooked since back then... and watched them transition into the van in real time - from looking for the van to purchasing it.. to "fixing" it up haha.

"No no no! That's not how you should do it!"

Hahaha. I can just imagine.

Quite.. well I could have told them that screwing directly into the body with neither under seal or plastic inserts is going to end in trouble. But hey.. it is their van so who am I to chastise.

But yeah.. I found them eminently personable and well like I said just takes me back to when I was open to my own imagination and endless possibilities...

My inspiration are all video film making. Peter McKinnin and more people who love filmmaking. I love watch all this canal.

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He’s amazing

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Yees he is fu... good😀👌

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Ah 😊👌 I follow this two also ( Wild we Roam ) very cool videos day make. And good Blog they have. 👌😋

Yes they are amazing aren't they? I was following the since they had about 100 subs haha. They were called something like "Plant Based Travellers" or something like that back then.

I find them last year 😊👌

Hi adetorrent
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //
And goodbye!