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Sometimes we feel we are entitled to having our own or should i say taking our own revenge.

Trying to bring the pay back time to the present. We actually may feel hurt beyond what it might take to let go as they will say.

But why not we consider the option f letting go sometimes, we don't actually need to take revenge.

During the process of been hurt, devastated and probably fustrated. Out of our anger and hatred developed as the result of the harm cause, we easily forgot something called karma.

Why worry each day on taking revenge when you know karma still exist.

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Indeed I agree 1000% percent. It is a waste of energy. Let the universe take care of them, I have seen it play out tuns of times.

Yea you are right. Thanks for stopping by

Good word.
Forgiveness is for us. We forgive others so that we can let go of the hate and bad feelings, otherwise this hatred starts to consume us and soon defines us. Move beyond hate to the happiness that forgiveness brings and the peace of mind brought by forgetting bad experiences and focusing on enjoying the good th8ngs in our life.
Choose to abandon anger, resentfulness and thoughts of revenge.
Choose forgiveness, allow yourself to forget, decide to move on emotionally and embrace a choice to enjoy your present.
Choose happiness.

Wow. You are very true. This is a great comment. Thanks for stopping by

Wow. You are very
True. This is a great comment.
Thanks for stopping by

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