Love makes the difference

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Love makes the difference
Psychologist observed that our basic need for love is self-worth, security and significance.
You may have enough enemies but when you are loved even by one person, you feel secure to an extent, even when faced with uncertainties, you are still secure.


However your self-worth has a long way to go, you must be worthy of loving, but in some instances your spouse's love builds up your self-esteem.

Love is not the answer to everything but it makes the difference.
Some people don't feel significant until someone expresses love to them, so the need for being significant becomes the the force behind some of our behaviors.

We all want to live a life that matters, a life that counts, so feeling loved enhance our sense of significance once you feel loved, you are liberated to develop your potential, you become more secure about your self worth, you feel more valuable.

In love you are free to discuss without condemnation.
Two people from different background can learn to live in harmony because sincere love always liberates.

The decision to love holds tremendous potential and learning about love languages makes it a reality.


Love does make a difference for one's self esteem. I am however of the opinion that self love is the most important for starters, before waiting on love from someone else. Would have liked to read more about the love languages you mentioned. Cheers.