Vices Destroy Life - Games of Luck

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For a gambling addict, not the winning amount is important, but the win as a symbol of defeat. This explains why a gambling addict does not stop when he earns money but is interested in what other table he could sit down to double his amount.

"It's about risk and excitement until the ball is at the roulette or until the dealer shows the cards. A number of neurotransmitters are triggered, including adrenaline, which increases the psyche's ability to act. The body is used to function like this. It is very possible to hide, in fact, a complex of shyness, "explains Augustin Cambosie, vice-president of the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy.

35,000 electronic devices, 20 live casinos, 14 bingo halls and over 800 betting venues are available to gambling enthusiasts, according to data
Ministry of Finance.

500 million euros is the sum of Romanians playing online gambling in 2009.

100 million lei represents the average monthly earnings in sports betting in Romania.

About 80% of the adult population of Romania played at least once a game of chance.

One in ten players gets addicted, according to Infomed medical publication.

Addiction to gambling comes, in over 90% of cases, packed with alcohol dependence; over 40% of tame players are addicted to drugs.

The odds of winning are 97% in favor of the house (casino, betting house, etc.).

Those who lose money constantly risk becoming pariah and isolate themselves in an artificial world.

Gambling can cause family conflicts and lead to suicide.

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