Les Marseillais

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The Marseillais is a French reality show aired on W9 since November 19, 2012 in the evening. The show is produced by Banijay Productions France. It was born from the success of the show Les Ch'tis1 and follows the adventures of a dozen candidates mainly from the region of Marseille and working in the world of the night. Their goal is to break into professionally different cities around the world.
The show now has seven seasons: The Marseillais in Miami, The Marseillais in Cancún, The Marseillais in Rio, The Marseillais in Thailand, The Marseillais: South Africa, The Marseillais: South America, The Marseillais: Australia and five editions specials: The Ch'tis vs. The Marseillais: Who will be the best ?, The Ch'tis vs. The Marseillais: The revenge, The Marseillais and the Ch'tis vs the Rest of the World, The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 2 and The Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 3



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