Modafinil, the efficient smart drug.

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Have you heard about this medicine before? I accidentally discovered it one or two months ago. We were at a friend’s house relaxing and drinking a little bit of Kratom in the evening. As we were discussing the uplifting effects of Kratom that help you stay focused while writing, reading or working on a project a friend brought up Modafinil. I didn’t know what it was so he explained it to me.

Modafinil is a medication to treat sleepiness due to narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, or obstructive sleep apnea. However, if you use it off label it will enhance your cognitive abilities.

The Good

It helps you stay focused as shit. At least that’s the effect it has on me. I feel like I’m a super brain and I could tackle the whole world while doing some other business on the side. You’re super awake and alert. Things can’t mess with you. You mess with things.

It is very hard to get distracted while on Modafinil. The effectiveness is mind-blowing. I never did so much work in so little time. It’s super fun to be that efficient. My German soul is approving this a lot. Being effective is something my grandfather always talked about. Now I know what he was trying to teach me!


The Bad

Nevertheless, there are also some downsides. No drug can be just amazing. Everything in life has its downsides. What goes up, must come down.

The next day you have a slight “hangover”. I would describe it as a “low feeling”. Your head hurts also a little bit. However, this is nothing compared to an alcohol hangover. Alcohol is way worse than that.

The Dose

I took Modafinil for 10 days straight to get some work done. In the beginning, I was taking 1 pill (200mg) in the morning. This was way too much for me. The effects were too strong and it was really hard to fall asleep at night.

I reduced the dose to half a pill (100mg). This worked way better. The dosage is always very important if you’re trying some drugs. Everyone is different.


I like Modafinil but I’m not planning to take it any longer for now. Those 10 days were good and I could accomplish what was sitting in my back for a while. I would take it again if the time is right. I don’t think anyone should take it longer than a week straight
It is not very harmful it seems. A lot of studies show that it has almost no side effects. Yet everyone is different. So I don’t know.

Have you tried it before? Do you like it?



Seems legit, I think a good rule of thumb is moderation.. If doing anything daily a week max sounds about right.. That one time I took it I was an organized, efficient, and wakeful machine of a man..

I think at some point I got a bit restless but my friend had also ordered Valium so I did the up-down all around thing.. I don't recommend any form of speedballing but I did plenty of dumb shit in my day 😂..

I can't believe that nootropic is legal in India otc , Ayurveda calls for watercress extract as a nootropic cognitive enhancer. It takes months or at least weeks to work. Mucuna pruriens is also an interesting Ayurvedic bean, it's basically L-Dopamine the precursor to dopamine.. Also 5htp would be a good supplement during the modafinil dose hangovers..

Yes, a wakeful machine of man, I was indeed! I must say lowering the dose did it for me. The 200mg was way too much. I was feeling really restless like you mentioned.

Yeah, I didn't do the up-down thing tho! Those days are over! At least I try to convince myself that haha. For now, I'm all about being efficient and achieving my goals. This would remind me of my "old days" too much.

I can't believe it either! I think most people don't even know about it! Additionally, it is produced in India. So they got that working for them as well.

I heard about the watercress extract. Mucuna as well. I never tried it tho! Have you tried it before? Did it work?

5htp... never heard about that. I'll do some research! Sounds pretty cool!

I've yet to try the watercress, but I've tried the mucuna before, I was experimenting with any and everything at the time to get back on track after some years of rock star life.. Ultimately kratom was the clear winner but now that I'm sober I'd like to revisit all the holistic stuff..

Look into phenibut while you're researching easy and legal to play with stuff..

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The rockstar life can be pretty unhealthy, I know that haha :D

Kratom is the winner in a lot of categories for sure! Very powerful herb :)

I've tried phenibut before! A friend from the states, like yourself, introduced me to it while we were making music back in Germany! Those Americans are up to something when it comes to drugs haha :D

Bwhahaha, drugs are very much a part of our culture.. That's both a great thing and an affliction...

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Yup pretty much... I just say one word: Opioids.

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