Looking back on 15 hurricanes in 2017

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 Destiny 2, Monument Valley 2, Nier: Automata, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are great games, creating trends and "fever" in the global gaming community in 2017. 

 Nier: Automata (PS4, PC) : The decision to invest in Nier is the right choice for Square Enix. Lively people, beautiful backgrounds, eye-catching graphics are the thing that attracts millions of gamers to this game. In addition to the novel, elusive of Nier: Automata has created a distinctive contribution to bring success later for the game. 

 Persona 5 (PS3, PS4) : The game retains its traditional role-playing style but is completely new to the game. The player is not only responsible for saving the world, but also beats the breath of modern life as a high school student. The attraction of Persona 5 is the role-playing deep and the screen Talent requires strategic thinking. 

 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PC, Xbox One) : This blockbuster hit the shelves in March this year, creating a fever in the gaming community. Players play the paratroopers on a miniature battlefield, pitted in the gunfight surprises. The final character (or team) will win. 

 Resident Evil 7 (PS4, PC, Xbox One) : Changes the whole gameplay and graphics style compared to previous versions. Darker, more horrible than the players can feel from the game when they have to overcome the tight space with the sound of horror constantly emitted. Many gamers are scared of playing Resident Evil 7. 

 Sonic Mania (Nitendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC) : This version has blown a new breath into the legendary Blue Wizard series Sonic. In addition to the challenges and familiar environments inherited from previous releases, Sonic Mania adds a variety of obstacles, new maps and levels of difficulty. 

 Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch, Wii U) : The game conquers players with colorful graphics that combine a close-up shooter with life. The game is successful when it brings a lot of unexpected elements and brings deep family affection. 

 Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) : The best version of the 3D game of the same name to the present. Cry from crazy but weird creativity, this version has conquered the original gamers with its majestic background and unique gameplay. 

 Universal Paperclips (Web) : The gameplay is quite simple, just press the button and create the paperclip. Later on, the business of paperclip business will cause the player to stretch the brain thinking. That creates a strange attraction for the game. Although very popular, this game is free. 

 Yakuza 0 (PS3, PS4) : A milestone marking the revival of the series. The highlight of the blockbuster is the street-style graphics that incorporate intriguing gameplay. The action mix of silly story but humor makes the player can not get out.  

 Cuphead (PC, Xbox One) : The game possesses the cartoon style of Fleischer and Disneyland in the 1930s. Basically, Cuphead has an easy-to-grasp approach, but the difficulty is very high. The first two weeks of the game have sold more than a million copies. 

 Destiny 2 (PS4, PC, Xbox One) : Appears in September of this year, the game maintains a pure sense of humor from the previous version but the interface changes. In addition, Destiny 2 also features an easy-to-use MMO-shooter hybrid, as well as a smoother gaming experience. 

 Hidden Folks (Android, iOS, PC, MacOS) : Hidden object games. However, with its unique hand-drawn graphics and hard-hitting style, Hidden Folks have created a craze for the gaming community. So, it deserves a name in the list. 

 Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) : One of the biggest surprises of the year. Game for players to perform many adventure adventures in a world open to many different terrain and environment. Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that has nice graphics and is worth playing in 2017. 

 The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch, Wii U) : Breakthrough in the open world game series. Map and task conventions are all changed to optimize the player's freedom of exploration. Breath of the Wild is not only the best version of Zelda to date, but it is also the launch pad that changes the form of open world games in the future. 

 Monument Valley 2 (Android, iOS) : The game has a harmonious combination of multiplayer online, multi-dimensional gameplay and touching story. It appeals to gamers with innovative puzzles and labyrinth-style graphics. Gameplay is simple but it makes the player brainstorm and find the most appropriate solution. 

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