How speculators lose money in the market.

in business •  16 days ago


"The problem with most speculators is that they can clearly anticipate the market movement, but they are impatient or begin to doubt themselves when the market really begins to move as they foresee. This is the main reason why many stock players, even those who can not be attributed to the simpletons, lose money, despite all their insight.

It's not that the market defeats them. They lose to themselves because they have brains but no perseverance. The old Turkey was damn right in his words and his actions. He not only had the courage to hold on to his convictions, but also the prudent patience to sit and not fuss.

One of the fatal mistake is that traders start fussing. Then opening positions, then closing them, reacting to small fluctuations, but ignoring global movements. In the bull market, the point of the game is to buy and hold until you feel that the downward trend comes to an end.


To do this, you need to study the General conditions, and not to respond to tips and particular factors that affect the fluctuations of individual shares. And when the turn of the market approaches, then sell everything that you have, everything that so long held! Wait until you see - or, if you like, when you decide what you see - the market turn, when the General market conditions begin to change to the opposite.

To do this, you will need all your mind and all your insight.

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