General Manager, Kuo Zhang, Shares Online Success Secrets

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Alibaba is known world-wide as the creation of entrepreneur Jack Ma who is a self-made billionaire. I was honored that the PR firm for their .com branch, Alibaba . Com asked me to have an exclusive interview with him to announce their entry into partnership with the Consumer Technology Association and new ventures worldwide. I was able to talk with Kuo Zhang, the General manager of

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This was the first interview that Kuo Zhang had ever given in English and I was honored to be there listening to this business genius share what they are doing and their plans for the future (you’ll love it when you hear this!). I was very excited to share this with you, my fellow Steemians as this is a rare treat. Nothing but the best for Steemit!

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Listen carefully as Kuo Zhang talks about the next level they are taking commerce to with Alibaba. They continue to put infrastructure in place and facilitate the processing of commerce. But when I heard what they were doing to move to the next level I had to accentuate it. They are doing e-commerce right and connecting with their customers, people in 200 countries around the world.

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Pay particular attention when we talk about the new cutting-edge technology they are using to help people with various languages connect in real-time. This is nothing short of “Star Trek” kind of amazing technology.

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Great video.

Awesome post.

Awesome. I appreciate your work Terry. I always look forward to watching your videos.

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It's hard to believe the Jack Ma was turned away so many times in the beginning. Compared to then he's one of the biggest names in the world! Thanks for you work and I'm following your crypto related posts avidly :)

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I love it! That is brilliant, @jpf. Thank you for stopping by!

I really like this news. often I myself use this trading platform. good luck in development Alibaba and Jack Ma

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Amigo realmente usted es un hombre de éxito. Vive tu momento!

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The small chinesse man who took the world by suprise beating American company Amazon. I have downloaded it and put it in my vid archive

i love his approach. one doesnt really need a lot of money to invest frst and get rich later. its just about the timing and the right direcrion you walk in. all he did was, buy a server. and here he is.

Nice post please . it helps to inspire some people so that they work heard.

Ciao saluti dal Venezuela, in particolare, ho adorato questo post ed è stato cliente di ed è un sito web molto serio e responsabile per lo shopping online, che fornisce un ottimo servizio.

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This new partnership between Alibaba and Consumer Technology Association is indeed an important move in the history of e-commerce.

Alibaba being in competition with several other firms such as Amazon for the online market has enhanced its hand in the competition. Alibaba has for a good time been famed for bringing several items and trades to the attention of potential customers.

This partnership will mean that Alibaba will actually ensure that it provides those commodities that are highly demanded on the web market since they will have access to Consumer Information and much more.

Thank You for bringing this to our notice as fellow steemians.

Yes! Thank you for your comment. @amumpaire. BTW, what does that moniker mean?

It is always good to meet outstanding people and learn about financial freedom at the hands of the best. Thanks for your article

You bet. Thank you, @dibujolandia.

Alibaba Success..

Alibaba is doing better and better and becoming a world famous company

[email protected] They are doing many things right. Jack Ma and my friend Kuo Zhang are doing it right.

If Alibaba will join crypto ride, we can expect a lot increase on the value of crypto in the future ^^

Hold on .. I really admire people like him! Theese guys will be something big! :)

very contagious the success you have

Nice topic to share. Good way to let everyone know

wow nice to see how succsessful you are. Enjoy it !!!

But if you look on it do you think alibaba have a chance in the future ? I mean because of the blockchain technologie. Would it be possible that platforms like this have no chance against the new technologies ?

They are going to do just fine. Alibaba is doing a lot of things right. I looked into his eyes, and Kuo Zhang is a good man. Watch the interview again and you'll see it.

this kind of posts should be seen more often

Yep! I agree

thank you for sharing how successful you are and how you confront all obstacles to achieve a hope that is success
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Thank you You are most kind, @irmadayanti. I salute you!

People love China business!

Yes! They aredoing it right there.

This is awesome
Congrats to you also, and more success to be achieved.
Looking forward for more from you, you're helping lives

i am also trying to set up mu shopify store and hope these tips are going to help me out. thanks for sharing


thank you for sharing

Excellent interview yet again. is a great company and I wish them all the best. I love watching Jack Ma speeches on youtube and I must admit he is a genius,in fact Kuo Zhang and the whole team are simply brilliant. Thank you for sharing

You bet, @practicaleric. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Please come back and again.

Thank you for bringing it.

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I think the work of this man is incredible and as the technology has advanced to the point that it even helps to improve business relations internationally, my brother founded a technology company years ago and these new platforms could help many to expand the companies

He's great! A leader man to follow.

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Example for others to follow. Good motivation to achieve the goal.

The exposition by this post actually helps. It's important to keep minds refreshed and informed on these business aspects. Thanks alot @terrybrock