The Ivy and Bat Signature Collection

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The wait is over! The Ivy and Bat Signature Collection is here. These 4oz bars are created with a hand crafted scent with notes of English Ivy and Tuberose and just a hint of crisp Autumn breezes and fallen leaves. The 1oz perfume spray offer just a touch of diamond shimmer and adds a cooling spritz of mint to our signature fragrance, while the 1/3oz roll on is a concentrated version in a soft, skin loving safflower oil base for all day wear.
Come and see us in our Etsy shop and very soon on our main website for more details. Products will be posted for sale on July 6th,2018 So follow us on all of our social media outlets to stay up to date.


Peace to you all,
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Resteemed! Once I get back on my feet again (been unemployed for three months) start a new position next week though, i plan to make some purchases. 😊