RE: The Iconic DeLorean Is Resurrected In Texas

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The Iconic DeLorean Is Resurrected In Texas

in business •  6 months ago 

Sure you did, LOL! I am supposed to believe that?

Who said I care? :)


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just go to my account sir smithlabs but that would take effort I know. ok you don't care that's good, then why do you ask? I think you're getting a bad attitude. Just remember the bigger they are the bigger they fall. all you gotta do is get em off balance. lol. some smithlabs guy told me that!

I find the best way to keep them off-balance is a 9 mm hole in the forehead that seems to work real well!

It also keeps your hands clean except for gunshot residue! :-)

Where else can you put gunshot residue and the smiley face together?

So don't worry be happy!