100 Small Business Ideas for 2018[Bonus Ideas Included]

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It takes an intelligent plan to start an online business. While starting an online business is the entrepreneurial dream for many in the 21st century, it’s easier said than done. The stats say that approximately 80% of all online businesses are doomed to failure. With failure rates so high, even on the web, what can be done to raise your chances of starting a successful, online business? More than you think, actually. For starters, don’t let the high failure rates demoralize you. You can overcome these bad stats by coming up with a sound business plan that’s based on an in-depth understanding of the market or industry in which you plan to operate. This takes copious research, but look at it this way: The more you know about your market and its needs, the more you’re going to be able to provide a highly valuable product or service to solve your customers’ problem. And that’s precisely where the nuts and bolts of starting a successful online business lie. To start an online business is something that anyone can do; the key is turning your startup into something successful that solves your target audience’s problem and delights them. You can’t do this without a sound business idea. Here are 100 small business ideas for 2018. Choose an idea and start your research. 

Make money from your own videos on YouTube

You believe it or not. YouTube is a money making machine while it is  the second largest site engine after Google. The main reason you should  work on YouTube because of there no need to startup cost without laptops  or mobile camera. Read here How to make money from YouTube.  

Be a blogger

Blogging is an art. You should be a blogger because there is no  earning limit. I know some blogger who earns more than $10,000 in a  single month. There are thousands of ways to make money from your blog.  Learn here How to make money as a Blogger. This is the most profitable  business in 2018.  

Online Newspaper

The online newspaper is another small investment business ideas.  There are many ways to make money from an online newspaper. The one way  is Google AdSense or others ad network and another one is direct ads  from companies. Learn how to make an online newspaper and Make Money.  

Make money from Google AdSense

AdSense is a money making project for 2017 and also for the years.  Google is the most visited website and AdSense is owned by Google where  the publisher can make money from their video or articles. Learn how to  get Google AdSense in 2017 for the website.  

Car wash business 

If you want to start a small business then you can think about car  washing business. Car washing business is a serious one of the best  small business ideas for the student. Learn here how to start a car wash  business.   

Do you love foods? Why not! Everybody loves to eat. You can  start a small business in the food industry. Here are some profitable  food business ideas for 2018. 

Fast Food Shop

Opening a fast food shop is very profitable small business ideas.  Before starting or planning this business you have to keep in mind the  place. The place is the most important aspect of getting success in this  business. Learn here How to start a profitable Fast food shop business.  

Food Truck or Food Cart

It is another small capital small business ideas in the food  industry. In the almost every country, food truck or food carts are  available. Before starting a food cart or food truck business you have  to make a perfect business plan. Learn how to start a Food Truck or Food  cart business.  

Small-scale restaurant 

We know all restaurant business is the highly demandable business.  You can start a small scale restaurant as your side business in any bust  area. The perfect location is the key to success in this business.  Learn how to start a small scale restaurant business.  

Coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop is indeed profitable small business ideas. The  perfect places are the same importance of this business. A coffee shop  can be your next new business. Learn How to start a coffee shop business.  

Ice Cream Shop 

Ice shop is a perfect business idea for food lovers. Know how to start an Ice Cream Shop business  

Food Review or Food blogging business

Food blogging is also profitable small business ideas for 2018. Learn how to start a food blogging business and make money.  

Food delivery business

It can be taken as side business ideas also. Food delivery is the most common and trading business ideas as a part-timer.  

Homemade food 

It is another lucrative and profitable small business ideas from home. Women can easily start this business.  

Hot dog stand

A hot dog stand is very profitable small business while you have low  investment. Before starting Hot dog stand business you need to  permission from your local government. Learn how to start a Profitable  hot dog business.  

Coffee Stand

In commercial or large residential area is the best place to start a  coffee stand business. Learn how to start a coffee stand business.   

Now let’s think big. Here are some interesting small manufacturing business ideas for you.

Sports Products manufacturing business

Sports products are really good business while you want to start a  manufacturing business. You can produce small sports products like  Cricket bat, Sports jersey, Chess, etc.  

Leather belt manufacturing business 

The leather belt manufacturing business is one of the favorite  business ideas in this list. Learn how to start Leather belt  manufacturing business with a small investment.  

Paper cup manufacturing business

Paper cup or plate is another small investment manufacturing  business. At the beginning may invest a big amount. After that, you  don’t need to invest such amount. In the manufacturing business  industry, it is highly profitable while you have low investment.  

Handicrafts business

Handicrafts business is a home-based business. You can start with  little investment while you stay at homes. There no need any special  qualification but creativity is required.   

Here are now some Shop business ideas. 

Small-scale Super or chain shop 

The small scale super shop is a highly profitable business in the  largely residential area. Before starting a super shop business you have  to make a business plan. Learn how to start small scale super shop  business.  

Fashion house

A Fashion house business is very profitable small business ideas. The  perfect location is the key to success in this business. Learn how to  start a profitable fashion house business.  

Online Shop for ladies products

Ladies are the main customers of this business. Before starting a ladies products business you make to a business plan.  

Mobile selling shop

Mobile selling shop business is a highly lucrative business idea. You  have to work with trending phone model. There is less risk involved but  you must select a perfect location for your mobile selling business.  Learn how to start a profitable mobile selling shop business.  

Electronic products selling business

In the modern world, there is no alternative to electronic products.  There are thousands electronic product are available on the market and  many are coming. At the beginning, you have to invest a little big  money. Learn how to start a profitable electronic product selling  business. 

 Family daily needs products shop 

It is the best business ideas while you are living in a busy  residential area. Before starting family daily needs products business  you must make a plan. A list of products you have to make. Learn how to  start a family needs products shop business.  

Open a Toyshop

Toy shop business is for babies. There is no baby who doesn’t like a  toy. Isn’t it? Learn how to start a small toy shop business.  

Open a shop for baby and mother’s products

Near hospital or large shopping mall is the best place for this  business. There is a huge demand for these products around the year.  

Stationary shops for Students

A stationary shop business is another small business ideas for 2018. Learn how to start a Stationary shop business.  

A fixed price shops for men’s products

From shirt to shaving cream you can sell on this shop business. Learn how to start a men’s products shop.  

Small grocery shop

If you are living in a busy residential area you can start a small  grocery shop business. It is an evergreen business idea and there low  risk involved in this business. Learn how to start a small grocery shop  business.  

Barbershop Business

This is another best small business ideas for 2018. You need to  invest money at the begging. Learn how to start a Barbershop business.  

Used products buy and sell

Selling and buying used products business is the best business in big  cities like Dhaka, Mumbai, London, and New York. Electronic products  are mostly buying and selling goods.  

Aquarium Shop 

The rich people are the consumers of this business. Therefore,  aquarium shop business is very profitable if you can show your  creativity in the products. Learn how to start an Aquarium shop business.  

Custom designed T-shirt business 

Custom designed T-shirt business is low investment business ideas while you work full time.   

Now let me talk about Online Business ideas. Here are most profitable online small business ideas for 2018. 

Web content provider 

Web content providing business is one the best small business ideas  without investment. There is no need to invest any amount of money while  the need to invest time and patience.  

Website hosting business 

Website hosting business is very profitable idea for small cities. As  a result, this business can be taken as a side business also.  

Website Development Business

Developing a website is easy for a developer but really very hard for  common people. In the recent years, many small companies want to make  their website. You can earn a big amount by developing a website. This  business is the best example of  home-based business. 

Social media marketing

Social media is the best way to promote a business. Many companies  and institution want to promote their products. While you can help them  and also make money by promoting their products. Learn more how to start  a social media marketing business. 

Search engine optimization 

This is another small business ideas without investment. Search  engine optimization (SEO) is very popular freelancing job also. You can  make a huge amount by this business. Learn more- How to start Search  Engine Optimization business.  

Game developer

If you are very well in coding you can start your own game  development business by doing nothing. It is the money making business  if you can run it successfully.  

Computer training 

Computer training business is also profitable business ideas. Therefore, It works very well in rural areas.  

Auto parts sales 

Selling auto parts are indeed a good business because it works very well beside the garage. 

Auto repair garage

Most people who graduate from mechanic colleges will go on to work as an employee at an auto body shop. However, those with an entrepreneurial spirit may decide to open their own auto repair garage. And these business-minded individuals are surely aware that starting a garage from scratch involves a lot more than just fixing cars. You must have knowledge of advertising, accounting, marketing – and be conscious of the start-up costs. Auto entrepreneurs can make things easier on themselves by purchasing an existing auto body shop, which will have much of the necessary equipment and perhaps even some customers from the area. No matter which way you go about it, there are key elements to opening an auto repair garage that any first-time business owner must keep in mind.

  Poultry Farming business

Starting a poultry farming business is one of the best small business  ideas. You can take it as a part-time business also. This business is  required small capital and there is less risk involved. Learn how to start a poultry farming business.  

Dairy Farm

The demand for milk is highly increasing. A small dairy farm can be  your next side business. Dairy farming business is one of the oldest  business in the world. The main advantage of a dairy farm is low  maintenance cost. Learn How to start a dairy farming business.  

Goat Farming Business

Do you know goat farming business is another lucrative small business  ideas?  You don’t need to have any special quality to start a goat  farming business. Since you should choose good goat breeds to make your  business profitable. Learn here How to start a profitable goat farming business.  

Fish Farming business

Fish farming business is another oldest small business ideas of the  era. Because of the huge demand for fish, this business is very  profitable. Fish farming business is also a passive small business.  Learn here How to start a profitable fish farming business.  

Vegetable Farming Business

If you are in the rural area you can start a small vegetable farming  business with very small capital. The demand for a fresh vegetable is  highly increasing. There no need any qualification. You can start it in  your backyards. Learn How to start a vegetable farming business.  

Duck farming business

The eggs of ducks are more valuable than eggs of the hen. You can  start a small business as a duck farmer. There is less risk involved but  the profit is more. If you have any open space or pond you can use it.  Learn here How to start a profitable duck farming business.  

Bee Farming Business for Honey

 You can start a bee farming business with a small flower  garden. It is one of the passive income ideas. Learn how to start a profitable bee farming business. 


Food Delivery service

The food delivery service business is a good business idea with small  investment. Minimum Investment- $500. Profits is Delivery  Charge. Benefits: This is a risk-free profitable business. Ability –  Marketing Knowledge, Best Customer Service, Hard Work.    

Private Tuition 

Private tuition's is another great business ideas with small investment. Minimum Investment- Marketing. Benefits- This is a risk-free good business idea. Ability – You have to good knowledge. Profit is Limitless, Hard work required & Good long time plan.    

Real Estate Consultant

This business is a money making business while you have no  investment. Real estate consultant business is easy to start but hard to  continue. Earning is depend on your sales and indeed it is good  business ideas.    

Wedding Planning Business

Wedding Planning business is another profitable good business idea.  Minimum Investment- $1000, Small Office, design plan, and experience. Profits – 60% Benefits- This is a risk-free profitable business Ability – Marketing Knowledge, Best Customer Service, Hard Work.    

Book Store Business 

Bookstore business is a long time business idea. It can be taken as a part-time business while you are working full time.    

Custom-made Chocolate

Custom Chocolate making business is the great idea to start your own  business. Customers will order you to make a chocolate with their  design. Need to build a good relationship with customers. Indeed it is  very profitable good business ideas with a small investment.    

Bus Service Website

Business service website business can be taken as part time or side business. Minimum Investment- $2000, Small Office, Website, Staff Profits- 15% Ability – Marketing Knowledge, Best Customer Service, Hard Work.    

Custom-made Festival Gifts

Festival gifts business is another small capital good business ideas. Minimum Investment- $500 Profits – 25% Benefits- This is a risk-free profitable business Ability – Marketing Knowledge, Best Customer Service, Hard Work.    

Online Ads Service Business

An online ads service business is a side business ideas and you can  earn a lot of money. Provide good ads plan to your prospective clients.  Be honest. Take it seriously    

Mobile Food shop

The food business is always trending business ideas and profitable also. Minimum Investment- $600 Profits – up to 35% Benefits- This is a risk-free profitable good business idea. Ability – A perfect Location, good service, quality foods.    

SEO Consultant

Make your business plan. Offer your service. Make a list of all your experience. Keep trying.    

Yoga Instructor

The demand of Yoga is increasing day by day. You have very well  knowledge. Take less charge than the others to get easy success. Try to  get customers by reference.    

Clothing Business

Clothing business is an evergreen business idea with small capital. Minimum Investment- $5000 Benefits- Huge demand on the market. Ability – You have to good knowledge on clothing sector. Profit is more than 33% hard work required & business plan. 

 *** Bonus Ideas***


Rent a car business: See here how

Used car dealership business: See here how

Hand-painted furniture.

Create animated videos for your client

Sales consultants.

Risk management business.

Business plan writing business.

Resume writing business.

CV writing business.

investment planning business.

Product develpment consultancy Business.

IT consultancy.

Invest in Stock Markets.

Stock market investing planner.

Internet marking consultancy.

Open a Juice bar.

Open a Small Gym.

Agricultural Business consultancy.

Gardening business.

interior design business.

Lanscape Design Business

Sell House design.

Write an article for the website.

Real estate consultants.

Small bookstore business.

Custom made cake business for the birthday.

Bus service website.

Online ad service business.

Mobile food court business.

Yoga center.

Clothing Business.

Garments Stock Lot.

Investment advisor.

Beautiful candle making.

Daycare center.

Care of Senior citizen

Email Marketing.

Housecleaning Business.

House painting Business.

Travel Agency.

Unique Domain name buys and sell.

Online shopping business.

Invest in IPO.

Mobile Laundry Business

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