Google is now helping users skip your sponsored Youtube intros

in business •  last year

I noticed something interesting yesterday, while searching for ways to up my photo game... for certain youtube videos, Google is now offering a "Suggested Clip" when you click on the search result

This is kind of cool, because I get super frustrated when I have to sit through 5 minutes of intro just to find the actual information I'm searching for... like most users, I tend to skip ahead - and it looks like Google has been tracking where people skip ahead to, and is now serving that up as suggested clips to people in Google Search.

But the implications are pretty staggering, because if you're a vlogger who regularly puts sponsored segments at the start of your youtube videos, you're about to see viewership of these segments drop significantly. Even in a world where most people skip those already, there are still a number of people who don't bother, and those people still won't have to bother, but now won't see your sponsored content.

I don't think this is a particularly malicious act on Google's part - I think they're just trying to help users find the content they want, faster, but is yet another way that youtubers are going to have their monetisation affected on YouTube.

Definitely something that helps you start to see more value in DTube.

Anyway, just something I noticed and thought I'd share.

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Definitely, We all share the ads, promotions and sponsorship. This won't help at all.