The Petya virus nightmare!

in business •  2 years ago  (edited)

The Petya virus has reached more than hundreds of thousands victims in one day.

This virus is a far more advanced and dangerous compared to the Wanna cry Virus.

The Petya virus was released yesterday at noon.
It seem to be released in Ukraine.

In Ukraine the situation is far more worse, banks, energy companies, public services are all paralysed.

How does Petya works?
Petya works in 3 ways :
1 Exploitation trough SMB
2.changing admin passwords
3.PSX access to control computers.

Nobody knows who's behind the attacks.

Even paying the 300 bitcoin won't recover the lost files.

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what a damage

Such things must happen to show how ugly are Windows and it's closed sources code. This attack will change many companies opinion of Microsoft and it's products.

The problem is that windows still has a old ongoing monopoly status. When xp didn't receive any support anymore, they made a deal with companies to extend their xp product. Many companies would rather patch their existing network rather than implementing a new os.

Indeed, and that on such a short notice. Terrifying.