How I'm making money Nov / Dec 2020.

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I joined 2 different plug and play trading platforms - I started with a hundred in each one just to make sure I could withdraw money and it was all functional.

I actually didn't have a large amount of money to put it, so I just took some off my line of credit! Maybe this was a bad idea? But its all just the game of life. The one company my friend got me into, so I wasn't as Leary to put money in.

After all the fees come off, on a 10,000 investment, you would make about 1,750$ every month! A 1000$ investment would make 175 a month. The real power of this system is the compounding mechanism, if you continue to leave every months gains generating interest it builds even quicker.

If anyone can find something better please let me know, always looking for good opportunity's.

Im an affiliate with these 2 companys - here to help if you have questions.

Im not allow to post the names of the companys publicly, so send me a message or email. [email protected]