☽ Mysticlotus.space Grand Opening ☾

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Hey Steem friends!

I'm happy to share that MysticLotus.space is open and I'm very excited to share such items as apparel, hats, socks, pillows and more with all you wonderful humans!!
Take a look at these new items!

ad1 smaller.jpg

Cellphone Cases smaller.png

Don't forget your crypto gear!

coin ad.png

space divider.png


New products will be added daily so check back often! ♥

Accepting SBD and STEEM!

I'm also accepting crypto-currencies including
and many others!

Thank you for viewing and namasté ☯

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nice art of steemet.

I think so too. Her designs are amazing

Thank you ♥

You are welcome <3 I paid some bots to like this because this belongs on the front page of steemit :) :)

Totally awesome!! Upvote & resteemed.... follow @lurehound

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very good

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