Another Hustle Day gone down in History

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Another day of hustle, of being your my own boss and trying out a different line of business in the Economy of my country is almost at end. Haulage and supply is a delicate part of logistics business that requires data analysis and apt record keeping, most the clients are looking for loopholes to render your services Payless, but you have to outsmart them and never break or get their consignments lost in transit.

The picture was taken at a liquors warehouse somewhere in the center of my city, each pallets stacks with Jameson Whiskey is worth millions of my local currency and thankfully our old business truck could do a three and a half pallet at a go. That would be close to 3.1 Tonnes or less depending on the content level per pack of the Whiskies. The pay isn't much per supply run and you have to be extremely careful not to damage the expensive goods in order not to run at a massive lost.

Its not fun, but its worth it. We currently need a bigger tonnage diesel engine truck(15 to 20 tonnes) to be able to do up country Hauling which is where big money is, but for now, we are still managing our old ford truck, hopefully we got a bigger one and send the old lady into retirement!