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Blogging and blogging are topics that Blogetization is dedicated to. If you are wondering what exactly a blogging business is, then this entry will allow you to understand what I mean and why I think that the idea of ​​promoting a business blogging approach is so important.


  • What is blogging?
    Simply put, blogging is writing and publishing entries on your blog. Of course, the work of bloggers who want to reach the widest possible group of readers, this is not the end. There are still many activities that they perform to achieve this goal.

  • What is a blogging business?
    A business blog is a business that you build directly on your blog or "around" it.

The simplest example of a business built directly on a blog is earning money from advertisements displayed on its websites. Another example is paid access to all or part of the content of your blog.

A business built around a blog is, for example, consulting or coaching, where the blog helps build authority and attract customers.

Another example is an online store and a blog that helps you increase traffic and trust the seller.

  • What should be blogging or business first?
    From the point of view of what a blogging business is, it does not matter whether it was a blog or business first, or whether both were created together.

  • From blog to blogging business
    Of course, if you start with a blog, you have the chance to get a group of readers who can become clients of your future business. Knowing you and trusting you, they will be more likely to buy a product or use a service related to the subject of the blog.

  • From business to blogging business
    If you are a small entrepreneur running a business (not necessarily online) regardless of whether your company is doing well or a little worse, the blog will help you develop it.

  • A business approach to blogging
    To talk about blogging, it's not enough to start monetizing a blog or blogging as an addition to an already existing business. You have to change your whole approach and learn how to run a blog business as a company. If you're a blogger or blogger, you should start to learn to manage your one-man business and if you're an entrepreneur, blogging.

Blogging was created precisely to enable bloggers and entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge that would facilitate a smooth transition from a blog or business to a blogging business.

If you are wondering whether the business blogging approach, which is to increase your chances of generating profit, is certainly the best solution, my answer is "yes".

Just as the military has been improving methods of martial arts for centuries, both entrepreneurs and their companies (the largest ones with the support of numerous consultants) improve their management methods and constantly increase their profit, which has always been and still is their main task to which they were created. So if the army is such a "machine" for fighting, then business is a "machine" for making money for its owners. That is why it is not worth to open the door. It is better to make the most of what others have invented and tested on the training ground of business life.

Of course, not everything that is good for a company (especially a large one) will be good for a one-person blogging business, which after all has its blog specificity. However, there are many things that introduction in a blog business would contribute to the professionalization and simplification of your work as a manager managing such a business. And that's where Blogging can be helpful.

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