Product Research for Amazon FBA – AmazeOwl Tutorial

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In this video (Ep4 Part 2) we cover how to use software tools to conduct your product research for Amazon FBA. We do an AmazeOwl tutorial and focus specifically on the powerful AmazeOwl Product Database.

Time Stamps:

1:00 - AmazeOwl Settings.
4:35 - Options for Product Research.
6:20 - Settings for AmazeOwl Product Database.
8:25 - Searching The AmazeOwl Product Database.
9:50 - Saving Products to Potential Products.
12:08 - Tracking Products with the Correct Keyword.
15:00 - Adding Keywords to Ensure You Gather All Competitors.
17:48 - How to Narrow Down and Remove Irrelevant Competitors.
25:10 – Gaining the Correct Monthly Search Volume.
28:45 - Gaining the Google Trends when You get No Data.
31:00 - How to View Your Actual Market in Tracked Products (Criteria etc).
33:18 - Gaining On-Amazon Keyword Insights to Confirm or Come Up with Differentiation Ideas.
38:45 – The Difference Between Broad Volume and On-Amazon Keyword Searches.
42:33 – Conclusion.

Get the AmazeOwl Product Research Tool:

A) includes ALL MARKETPLACES and unlimited Product Database:

Monthly -
Yearly -

B) includes the US + 2 MARKETPLACES of choice and 20 products/month from Product Database:

Monthly -
Yearly -

Amazon Gated Categories (requiring approval):

Check Out The JOD TOOLBOX:

If you are looking for an in-depth TRAINING PROGRAM AND A SOLID COMMUNITY of Amazon entrepreneurs from all walks of life, follow this link below to check out Just One Dime:

Most important pieces of this amazeowl tutorial:

-Your market information (tracked product) is only relevant when you have gathered ALL your competitors and then removed the irrelevant ones.
-Work out your net profit percentage.

Hope you enjoyed this video where we did an AmazeOwl Tutorial and covered the AmazeOwl Product Database. Use these strategies to conduct your product research for Amazon FBA. There is a lot to AmazeOwl and the other tools such as JOD ToolBox so I may do a few more tutorials on these in the future.

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