Some Tips For Building High Performance Teams

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As an entrepreneur, you will know that you cannot do everything on your own. You will rely a lot on your team to get the things done. Therefore, an astute entrepreneur will leverage on the skills and talent of the team to multiply and accelerate results. Here are my six tips on how you can build a good and dependable team.

People want to feel appreciated by the person they work for. Here I am referring to appreciation that goes beyond a salary. Praise them for the good work they do. Tell them that their hard work and ingenuity is appreciated by you. Give them surprises like dinner vouchers or tickets for them to watch their favourite sports. You must never be too ‘’busy’’ to pay attention to this aspect.

Create A Sense Of Belonging
Do your best to make every team member have a unique sense of belonging. Build the business culture in such a way that will feel that they are part of a special community and enjoy connecting with people around them in the course of doing their work. If you nurture a sense of belonging, high engagement levels are an inevitable outcome. Team members will strive to achieve incredible things through collaboration. Furthermore, this creates an environment where they feel free and safe to put their ideas and thoughts forward.

Develop Talent
All your employees want to grow and your job is to help them achieve it. Give them the opportunities to grow as well as challenge them. Also give them both inspirational and developmental feedback. Do not be too busy to coach people. You must take people from where they are now to a place where they have never dreamed of. This will build loyalty.

Celebrate Success
Whenever the team reaches a significant milestone, a celebration of some sort must be held. Do not delay this to the end of the quarter or end of the year. The celebration must be done as soon as the milestone is achieved. This creates energy and momentum.

Communicate A Compelling Purpose
You must consistently communicate a clear, concise and bold message for the future. Each team member must be very clear as to where the business is being taken. In addition to this, you must educate each team member about their respective roles to the overall strategy. They have to see the link between their unique roles and the big picture. Also as you communicate the message, as far as possible always use the word ‘’we’’ instead of ‘’I’’ so that the team members will feel that you are moving together with them.

Keep A Journal and Mementos of The Major Achievements
Keep a record of the major achievements of the team that is accessible by every team member. Furthermore, every new employee who joins the team should have their attention drawn to these achievements so that they appreciate that they will be joining a unique and special team. Whenever the team celebrates its achievements, mementos such as photos or videos should be kept and displayed or played in the staff canteen or rest rooms. This inspires a special kind of commitment among employees. Team members will always have examples of what success looks like and they will want repeat or even better past achievements.

I conclude by noting that this list of tips is not at all exhaustive but I am confident that if they are implemented, they will create positive vibes and energy among your employees. I also welcome your ideas in the comments section.

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Really awesome content sir keep writing interesting article sir thanks for share tips with us

Thank you very much for your encouraging words.

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