Some Financial Management Tips For Small Business

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Proper financial management is critical for long term prospects of your business. Here are some tips to help manage your finances

• Educate Yourself
If are in business for the long haul, you have to educate yourself about the financial aspects of the business. You have to get a grasp on financial statements such as profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow. You cannot keep relying on other people's interpretation or analysis.
It is only with such knowledge that you are able to monitor and measure performance. The knowledge you gain will enable you to make informed decisions.
You must not be put off or be intimidated by financial terms. If do some research, you will find that are many free online tutorials that teach people these aspects of business in a very simplified and easy to understand manner.

• Hire Experts As The Business Grows
As the business grows, financial management can become more complex. In order to cope you may need hire people with the relevant financial qualifications so that you can manage that aspect of the business professionally. However, it has also to be noted that the more complex it gets, the more you will also need to educate yourself to avoid a situation where the people you will have hired will always be talking above your head.

• Do Not Be Obsessed With The Top Line
You must focus on profitability and not revenue. At the end of the day what matters is profitability. You can generate a lot of revenue but have very little profit and this can be detrimental to the long term prospects of the business. Always keep an eye on profitability. Do not be blindsided by the revenue figures your competitors. Some competitors have a habit of showing off their revenue figures. You must not let this distract you. You must never lose focus on profitability. Higher levels of profitability will make your business stronger.

• Do Not Make Purchases On The Spur Of The Moment. Be Disciplined.
Do not ''buy nice to have'' items. There is just no space for that in business.
Keep tabs on every dollar you spend. Do not be taken in by fancy offices and ‘’business ego’’ assets like desks with golden strips and leather chairs. The focus must be on building your business. Buy only those things that help you move forward as a business. Bad habits can start small but they can quickly become monsters which are very difficult to kill.

• Focus on Cash flow
Your business can only be as good as its cash flow. You have to pay salaries, pay utilities and suppliers. You must have an idea as to when the inflows will come in otherwise you will be stuck or even be forced to close doors. You will have payments to meet and you must have any idea as to when your debtors will pay you.

• Build a buffer for expenses
Open a business savings account and try to gradually build a significant balance.
Try your level best to build cash resources to meet your business monthly expenses for 2 or more months. In case there are unforeseen challenges, this will give you a window to deal with the situation why you come up with long term solutions.

• Do Not Be carried Away by Early Success
Do not be carried away by early success and rush to expand the business. You must first consolidate your success and gains before rushing to expand. Business growth must be carefully planned. Expansion usually requires considerable expenditure and you may end up starving the business of necessary working capital and cash flow in order to fund to a poorly planned expansion project.

I cannot claim that this is an exhaustive list of tips but they do help in managing your finances.

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Thank you a lot

This is really great content, following for future post! I'm working to become a small business owner so tips like this are always great to come across. Best of luck to you and keep up the great work!

Informative article. Thank you for sharing it

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